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Beyond Fate

I am happy to tell y’all Beyond Fate was released by Liquid Silver Books on schedule. Once in a while a writer will create characters that linger in the mind. Sometimes while we’re putting those characters on page they become family. We think about them, we dream about them, we gossip about them. If we could, we’d invite them to birthdays parties and holiday dinners. We want to call them up and ask, “Hey, how’re y’all doing?” That’s how I feel about Cleo and Fletcher, Big Momma and little Katie.  Too, a few things happened when I was camping in the Okefenokee Swamp that never made into the book. Dusk was only a brush stroke away soon after I arrived and I was unpacking the trunk of my car when I felt something huge brush my left arm. A deer was standing right there, watching me unload foodstuffs. Campers are instructed not to feed the wildlife. Guess what. They feed themselves. That doe had a box of saltine crackers opened inside of ten seconds and was munching away. When I lifted the cooler out, she tried to follow me into the cabin. When I returned to the car, there were a pair of raccoons in the trunk, chattering away as they tore apart bananas–and they did not want to be disturbed while eating their dinner. I was able to save only a handful of grapes and canned goods, and my bag of coffee–thank goodness, because I am wholly nonfunctional without it. Or maybe that’s dysfunctional. A seven-foot long king snake lived beneath the front stoop to the cabin. A good thing, I was told, because they kill rattlesnakes and water moccasins. Each animal had its favorite foodstuffs. The deer craved anything salty, the raccoons preferred fruits, opossums lapped up sweets, the squirrels and birds grabbed crumbs of anything, and the bears knew how to flip the lid on ketchup bottles and suck out the entire contents. Of course, the king snake just ate his brethren while mosquitoes, flies and sand fleas snacked on me.  
But, I’d do it all again just to meet up with the cast of characters in Beyond Fate.

Jackie Weger

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