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One Awful Four-Letter Word

Write what You Know

One of my most embarrassing moments as a writer happened when I was standing before two hundred or so writers, editors and publishers and critiquing manuscripts as a subtext in a talk on Write What You Know. There I was standing on the podium, ego rattling away on the topic when a little old lady in the second row hollered out:

You didn’t!

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Interview with: Parnell Stillman The Reluctant Hero

The Reluctant Hero

Parnell Stillman ~ Pilot

We are in Captain Stillman’s double-wide mobile home. Unlike the hanger where he stores and repairs his planes, the place is prickly clean. While he’s brewing coffee for us, I use the bathroom. Green and white striped towels on racks are perfectly aligned. Shaving cream and a  battery-powered razor are in a leather kit. Tooth brush in a holder. Colgate toothpaste in a cup. I peek into his bedroom. A King-sized bed made up to military specifications. A dark blue navy blanket tucked so tight a dime would bounce. Captain Stillman comes up behind me.

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