Trekking Through the Universe of eBooks

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 22•13
Boys, a boat and a dog on Taboga Isla, Pacific Ocean
OVER the past fifteen years or so I managed to arrive at my chosen destinations by foot, mule, horse, canoe, sloop, launch, bus, train, plane or an old Dodge pickup. I knew where I was going and got where I was headed. For the past year I have been writing and reading e-books. It’s an ephemeral world of urls, links, formatting, spoilers, nesting, uploading, downloading and blogging. Holy smokes! Everybody in the developed world has a Webpage. Every single person on earth who has access to an internet cafe has a Facebook page, Tweets, uploads books, pictures, music and videos.  It’s where I’m headed. Connecting with friends and readers is my destination. I know I can’t get to you in my old Dodge pickup, so don’t hold dinner. But, I will show up–eventually.
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