A To-Do List on Steroids~NOT

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 03•17

Plotting  a book’s life for the second half of the Year of the Rooster ~ 2017

All about Love, Fortune and Compatibility.

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The first half of 2017 is used up~gone! Telling you up front, I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions…except sideways, such as: Don’t buy a swimsuit. That’s a top tier resolution because then I don’t have to declare a diet to fit in the thing.  I did promise myself I’d recover my dining room chairs. Got one done. I’m good.  As for my writing, I hoped in the deepest recesses of my heart, I’d finish a WIP and get it published.  That’s happening. The Sheriff’s Woman has been through editing, is in the hands of my formatter and the ebook cover is in hand.

Not making resolutions does not mean I don’t have goals. I do. But the first half of 2017 was taken up by illness. The fat finger of fate pointed at me and said: Your turn.  My To-Do list fell by the wayside. I’m on a short road to recovery. My auto driving days are gone, but I have a fab walker on wheels with speed bike gadgets, and honey, I’m wicked on the thing.

Most of the women in my family. You are looking at an aggregate of above 400 years of Woman Wisdom. We’ve raised above a dozen kids, divorced or buried our husbands, and saw our elderly parents through their last days~all while holding down full time jobs.

One item on the list is a  container garden. I got it done, but it turned into a jungle. I pulled up the beans. Planting smart from here on out. Not going to plant anything  I have to pluck, shell or cook, ever again.  May was spent in nice family gatherings and graduations. In June I finished the WIP.  Not to mention on June 20th one of my Twitter Accounts was hacked. Twitter suspended my hacked account. Our fab Twitter guru, Effrosyni Moschoudi got rid of the hackers, but we’re still working with Twitter to lift the suspension. That may or may not  happen. Not gonna sweat it. Mixed fortune!

So, what’s up for the second half of the year in our indie universe?

July is when savvy authors start planning Christmas books, getting into multi-author collections and plotting promotions.  I usually stay out of the

My wild container garden.

Christmas rush,  though I enjoy the 99c collections and download ’em all.  For the 2017 holiday season Thanksgiving to New Year’s, I’m considering a Rafflecopter. I love those and so do fans and readers.  Planning ahead, I’m shopping Amazon for neat Rafflecopter gifties to winners. I’ve reviewed my books, and with a cover artist, designing new covers to refresh three units and  perhaps adding a fourth to the No Perfect collection of stand alone stories. Three key things I’ll focus on:

  1. Nurturing my newsletter subscribers by structuring  my newsletters to give the subscriber value i.e. Interesting content and good books at reasonable prices.
  2. Strive to promote smart. The publishing business is in flux, which means stay on budget so promotions earn a return on investment.
  3. Stick to basics. I learned the basics and have found that if I stay within that framework, I can move books.  Romance is always in style.

Yep! A younger me! Click my pic to visit my Amazon page.

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  1. Julie Frayn says:

    That’s a lot done, especially considering your health struggles!. You remain an inspiration to indies, Jackie. My second half of 2017 (because where the heck did the first half go) will focus on getting my fifth novel out. It’s so close to ready for edit #2, and I have a cover that I love. Now to polish and complete. Then maybe, after too long of being out of the public eye, it’s time for a new website and some marketing. Still feels overwhelming, but I’ll make it happen!

  2. Donna Fasano says:

    You are one amazing woman, Jackie!

  3. Jackie, you get more done when ill than I get done on my best day! You’re an inspiration.

  4. So you really did recover one of your dining chairs! Only three, or five, or eleven to go – depending on the setting. And with all you’ve done, you need a gentle pat on the back, and a stiff drink. Not a chai or flat white coffee. Something with muscle in it. You’re not driving a car, so let loose and go for it. Always our inspiration!

  5. dalefurse says:

    I agree, even with the health issues, you have accomplished a lot. Congrats on finishing ‘The Sheriff’s Woman” and look forward to another in the ‘No Perfect series’ Have a fantastic second half of 2017. 🙂

  6. Amazing progress in spike of health problems!

  7. Mary Smith says:

    You are a one woman power house and inspiration, Jackie Weger.

  8. Lol, a delightful post about things that are not really funny. Only you could do that, Jackie. That walker on wheels sounds like fun. Don’t let the police stop you for speeding 😛 The new book looks great, well done, Jackie! It’s quite a feat, considering what you’ve just had to face. Thanks for the mention! I haven’t given up yet on that Twitter account!

  9. Amy Vansant says:

    Yay a new book! It’s about time lady! 🙂

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