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Jackie on the banks of the Fowl River, Alabama

Jackie on the banks of the Fowl River, Alabama

The difference a year or two makes….

UPDATE: As I write this, it is three years  since  my  first indie ebook went live on Amazon.  I expected a learning curve. No one mentioned the curve meandered around a glass, oiled-slicked, mountain.  It has been a hectic, frenzied and interesting three years–mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now, I do. Not everything, but enough.

I have learned a few things.

Before entering the universe of epublishing I was acquainted with only one electronic device–my ATM card. I no more had an ebook contract in hand than I learned I was expected to build a webpage,  find a host, build a blog, submit my books for review, buy advertising, tout my books in blogs, on blogs, write articles, have an account on Goodreads, Shelfari, Facebook and Twitter; sign up to receive e-mail newsletters of dozens of bloggers, visit my sister author’s Facebook pages,  hit ‘like’ or ‘follow’, and grab those cute little icons and put them on my Webpage so you know where my book has been, is or will be–kind of like following a digital map.  Huh? I have reclaimed the publishing rights to my books and am publishing them myself.  Indie authorship is even stickier than going with a online publisher. The lovely end of the business: I don’t share royalties when I’m fortunate to earn them.  The other end…I’m accountable and there isn’t any excuse I can tuck into if things don’t go right.

I’m an indie author.

“Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and snarky dialogue.”

 I have control of my books…writing, editing, cover art, price.  While under contract, the ebook publisher did not spend five cents to promote my titles.  I learned about Alexa, an analytic that rates websites. I have it on my tool bar. I have a newsletter for fans and followers. I formed a group,  eNovel Authors at Work.  It has fifty members and  a better Alexa ranking than the ebook publisher with whom I contracted my books. I can navigate Amazon in Author Central, Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace. And now ACX, Amazon’s audible associate. I can compose blogs, edit, add media, engage in Rafflecopters and produce a newsletter. Early on I was asked in an interview what advice I had for aspiring authors. I replied: “None, because they all self-publish.”  But for newbies, here is a heads up: It takes at least a year to learn the basics in our industry.  If you listen to the wrong people, you will never get it right.

I learned how to promote my books.

I have also learned there are dishonest people in our indie universe. Yes, ma’am. I’ve discovered promoters who deliver and promoters who scam authors. And get this: Authors who scam authors.  Yep.  Honey, if you don’t learn the ropes, there are authors who will hand you a rope and hang you with it. The most important thing I’ve learned is to think for myself. Everybody you meet on the backside of this industry has an agenda–usually the agenda is to worm it’s way into your wallet.  I’ve learned to separate the wheat from the chaff. Invitations land in my mailbox every day full of testimonials about how wonderful a promoter. I’ve learned to check those testimonials by clicking on the author’s name and the title of the author’s book. Yep. Clicked on a title recently written by an author giving kudos to a promoter touted as “an author’s best friend.”  Book was published on Amazon eleven years ago. No rating–because it hasn’t sold a single unit. No reviews either–not even a one star. Hoo Boy! That promoter is NOT my kind of friend. If you are stepping into the indie publishing universe or  considering signing with an ebook publisher, educate yourself. Start here: Indies Unlimited–read books and articles by Martin CrosbieDavid Gaughran and Donna Fasano. All three are successful and each candidly shares how success is achieved.

I learned how to network with other indie authors.

I’ve met some wonderful and talented writers. I have also come across authors with egos that would make even Jung or Sigmund Freud’s mouth hang in awe.  I know about social media: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and a myriad of others–and that if  we allow it, social media will suck the juice out of a rock–not to mention one’s creativity.

I learned how to gather reviews, the bugaboo of every indie author.

This goes into my titles right after THE END:

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name]. 

Next I run a small promotion on the book FREE or 99¢ and soon reviews get posted. Does it work? Yep. Organic readers have post above 1500 reviews on my titles. Perhaps more,by now.

I am not an interesting person.

I have done interesting things and met interesting people. But none of it rubbed off on me.  I did  dream that once old, I would be a darling, sweet-faced old lady spending afternoons rocking away on my front porch with a grandchild on my lap. That dream is down the tubes. Houses don’t have front porches, screened doors don’t slam. Kids don’t ride their bicycles around the neighborhood on Christmas Day anymore. Nope. They’re racing up and down the street and across lawns on four wheel all terrain vehicles. My grandchildren are taking dance, voice and music lessons. They spend summers at a beach house. My lap holds NO appeal. Also I’m cranky.  I often look like I’m sucking a wasp. So here I am, hiding behind a  cyber wall in my golden years creating a new career in the universe of self-publishing. I love it. 

Just so you know,  I appreciate every single reader and reviewer.  You make my writing life a joy and you are hovering in the back of my mind with every word I put on page…All the best to you and yours…Jackie Weger.

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  1. Carol Drury says:

    Dear Jackie, just re-read The House on Persimmon Road as it was in 1989… I purchased the book and bought a second copy for my mother. It is the funniest, best book I have, definitely a keeper. I have several pb books, many only spend a few days in the house, then go to the used book stores. This book (aka Full House) is a keeper and one I read when I want to laugh. This morning at 5 AM, as I finished it when I woke early and could not get back to sleep, I decided to go on-line and see if you have other books. What a joy! Now I just have to decide which to buy first. Great to get details of the joys of indie-publishing with blogs, tweets and all the other things you’ve had to add to your life.

    One last thought… anyone who gives The House on Persimmon Road a “1 star” – well, maybe they were just having a bad day.

    Jackie, have a wonderful day.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Carol! What a joy to wake up to such a lovely comment. Thank you. I love this business of indie authorship in spite of confusion and frustrations. With Harlequin our books had a shelf life between yogurt and icecream. With digital they are in cyberspace for eternity, yet tethered to Amazon for new readers.

      It was so nice to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger.

      Triple Hugs. Jackie

  2. Hi Jackie, I just read your bio and just have to say that it made me smile.

    It’s been a pleasure “meeting you” online. 🙂

  3. Jenny Harper says:

    Wow! Your story leaves me dizzy – but full of respect. and with no choice but to follow where you’ve been. The House on Persimmon Road sounds perfect for today (Good Friday). The sun is shining in Scotland, the sky is clear and blue – and that doesn’t happen too often! It’s too nice to sit glued to a computer, so I’m going to download it now and treat myself to a day in the garden. Thanks for all your help, Jackie!

  4. Neil Ostroff says:

    Great article. I’ve been there from the beginning as the first male author to join enovel. What a difference time makes.

  5. susan tarr says:

    Here I am as one of eNovs 2015 intakes, Jackie, and I thought I would soon pick up all the necessary pointers as I went. But, no, this business is about learning and relearning and re-relearning (if that is a word). So much research and work has already been done by you over many years, and to think that for a short time I thought I would simply slot in and take off? Hah! Well, my advice to newbies is to approach this group with the respect it deserves for the wealth of information collectively held. But above all else, respect and support for each other as we step out along the same road. So for me it is slowly slowly…and each day I absorb more gems. Thank you, Jackie.

  6. Dale Furse says:

    Really enjoyed reading this article. Thanks for making me smile, Jackie. And I’m sure if I ever met you in real life, I would find you more than interesting. Love your outlook and agree, self-publishing is fun even though I sometimes make mistakes. Having people like you who understand is the one thing I love about eNovel Authors at Work. 🙂

    See that? Jackie taught me how to do that. 🙂

  7. Mary Smith says:

    I loved reading this, Jackie. It made me want to cheer out loud! It also made me laugh – ‘authors with egos that would make even Jung or Sigmund Freud’s mouth hang in awe’. Yep, I’ve met a few of those, too.
    As a member of eNovelAuthors I have learned so much from you, even if some of it was at the point of a snake gun (which you haven’t had to point at me for a while now so I must be learning).
    There’s something very special about the indie world and the way in which writers, such as the eNovellers, give so much whole-hearted support to each other.
    Mary Smith

  8. You are so right–there’s a lot to learn about the self-publishing industry. Thanks to people like you, Jackie, who freely share what they know, others can learn the ins and outs of the industry and reach their goals more quickly. Thanks for all you do for eNovAaW.

  9. A great introduction to yourself. Forget the sweet old granny aspiration – I bet your grandkids are awed and inspired by your achievements.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Bronwyn, You are funny. When I see my grandkids, I ask: What’s going on in your life?” I get to listen for two sentences and in the next instant, cell phones are glued to their ears. Done. The darlings are the center of their own universes.

  10. Laurie Boris says:

    Boy, is that learning curve steep. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned, Jackie!

  11. Pete Barber says:

    Thanks for this and for all your guidance, Jackie. I shall, from this moment on, picture you sucking a wasp! I’m going to share this around a few folk who need it.

  12. Mike Markel says:

    A lot of people appreciate all the work you do on their behalf. (I’m one of them.) Please keep sharing your insights and stories.

  13. Traci says:

    Well said, Jackie. I appreciate how much you’ve been willing to share what you’ve learned–thanks for being so amazing:)

  14. Fabulous post, Jackie. Proud to be a member. We’re all still learning but what a journey… 🙂

  15. Rachel says:

    Hi Jackie! Love your profile! I’ve been following you on Twitter and was wondering if you’d ever be interested in doing an author interview for a site I help manage, Literative.com? We try to help new writers stay motivated by providing interviews, tips, and a suportive community. If you’re interested you can check out the site or email me.
    Thank you for your time!

  16. Anne W. says:

    I read Eye of the Beholder years ago. Full of laughter and heart. One of my all time favorites. I tried for a long time to find another by you, but there was no Internet then. Can’t tell you how pleased I am to find more of your work tonight!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Whoa. Thank, Anne. so nice of you to stop by and say such nice things. Appreciate you taking the time. Happy that I have a few books to share again.

      Best, Jackie

  17. Persimmon Road has a new cover! Lovely!

  18. Alan Toner says:

    Hi Jackie. Alan Toner here, the Amazon author to whom you just wrote giving me advice on my author website. It was really great to hear from you, and I shall certainly be taking everything that you said on board. I am always seeking new ways to better exhibit my author site, and your advice, I am sure, will certainly do much to help me achieve that goal. I must compliment you on your own site, which I think is very well laid out, and it really draws the eye. Keep up the good work. Regards, Alan Toner.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hello, Alan Toner. Welcome and thank you for the kind words. I’m always open to helping indie authors. For us to be successful across the board, we need to support one another and lend a hand when we can. Don’t be a stranger. Best to you and yours in all of 2017 and beyond. Jackie

  19. Keith E. Heaton. (U.K. Writer) says:

    Hello Jackie,

    Having just read lots about your books and some reviews that you’ve left on Amazon etc.-

    I just wondered please if you might consider taking a look on Amazon at the novels that I currently have available both in electronic format but also in paperback and perhaps offer some advice?

    “Tales Of Entrapment.”
    Book 1. DEATH ON THE ALGARVE (Eyes Of The Water)
    Book 2. UNCLE JOE’S REVENGE (Death On The Cut)
    Book 3. DEVOID OF GUILT (A Portuguese Harvest Of Death)

    Its an adult murder / mystery trilogy that’s set on the Algarve in sunny Portugal.

    And then my latest book.-
    Book 4. SHE’S MISSING

    Another adult thriller set in the county of Lancashire in the U.K. in 1976 when suddenly and without warning two young women go missing up on the West Pennine Moors above the old market town of Chorley.

    So…in a nutshell…I’m in desperate need of more reviews but also I’ve just finished my latest novel (Book 5.) and I don’t know whether to self publish again or to try and get myself either a Literary Agent or Publisher.

    If you’ve any advice…trust me…I’m always ready to listen?

    Meanwhile…thank you for your time & I wish you the very best for 2020.

    Kind Regards

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Keith: For reviews after you write “The End”. Do a note to your readers: Thank you for taking the time to read [name of book]. If you enjoyed it,
      please tell your friends. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend. Thanks again, [write your name].The back few pages of your book is expensive real estate. Use it to your advantage by mentioning one or two of your other books and a short blurb.

      Good luck

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