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Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 20•19

Summer is here! We’ve got Pillow Talk Books. Mysteries. Sweet Romance. Paranormal. Whatever suits your fancy. $150 in Gift Cards. That’ll buy a beach towel and some suntan lotion.

You may sometimes fall on your head. That is what happened to Jackie, and now she is not allowed near a computer for more than 15 minutes a day. So she instructed me (Krystallia) to do this week’s blog posts. She says to tell you that “she’s not thinking straight this week” and that “the bump on her noggin knocked all good things into another Galaxy“. Maybe that explains why she sent me a to-do list that is out of this world. If you see the list, you will agree with me that her head seems to be working like always: overtime.  Jackie, get well soon! We miss you and want to read YOUR posts, not mine.

One thing I am sure of, is that Jackie would love to be traveling the world or reading under the stars right now, instead of spending time with nurses and doctors. As it happens, all books below appeal to a traveler’s soul.


From PC Zick, here is family saga Smoky Mountain Romances. A book of wonderful stories set in the Smoky Mountains, standing tall in the background of a small town where love thrives for characters who grow into a family. As they face past tragedies, current tests of courage, and hopeful futures, their lives intertwine. Families are strengthened and created. Grab a breath of fresh air for only 99c on Amazon.


For Mystery Romance fans, here’s a journey to Greece with Lake of Memories by Kostas Krommydas. A young photographer meets the love of his life in Athens. In Paris, a dying woman is searching for the child that was snatched from her over 20 years ago. And on the Greek island of the Apocalypse, Patmos, a man is about to receive a priceless manuscript from a mysterious benefactor. Destiny has thrown these people together, spinning their stories into a rich tapestry of romance, crime, and timeless love.  On Amazon for 99c.


The Plot by Melinda De Ross takes you all the way to Japan. The story is an unconventional romance between two misfits brought together by love and revenge. Yoko Hirano escapes a human trafficking organization and sets on avenging her lost innocence. Revenge does not include falling in love, until she meets Mark Chandler, who also has a dark secret in his past. A mix of Memoirs of a Geisha, Leaving Las Vegas and Pretty Woman, all in one great suspense romance. 99c on Amazon.



Next a supernatural suspense sweet romance, which takes you on a double journey to Greece and time! The Necklace of Goddess Athena by Effrosyni Moschoudi. Phevos, an ancient Greek, remembers very little from his childhood. When his mysterious father sends him to modern-day Athens on a time-traveling mission, he feels completely lost. Little does he know that dark family secrets, Greek Gods and romantic love await him there to fulfill his destiny. On Amazon, 99c.


Some romantic, sweet summer, hockey love is in order to cool down, with This Piece of My Heart by Robyn M. Ryan. Innocent Coed. Red-Hot Hockey Star. Fate places them on a collision course that sparks into a sweet summer romance. When autumn leaves begin to fall, is it time for winter tears or will the sizzle of anticipated passion warm this couple through the winter to come? FREE on Amazon.



Have you noticed how music is linked to memories and life journeys? Rain Clouds and Waterfalls  by Piper Templeton is all about life and music. Ellen navigates the joys and pitfalls of life from age eleven until she becomes a young twenty-something in the workplace. She gets by with a little help from the Beatles as they provide the soundtrack to her life, a life consumed with the disappearance of her beloved older brother. 99c on Amazon, also available as an Audiobook.


Two Jackie Weger books on 99c to share with you. The first is The House on Persimmon Road. 99c on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Google Play If Justine Hale had the time she’d get in her car and go crazy. But! She’s saddled with two kids, a bankrupt mother and a cranky ex-mother-in-law. Not to mention a ghost and a hunky neighbor, both of whom believe they have the answers to all of Justine’s problems. With over 650 raving reviews, The House on Persimmon Road has the most endearing ghost character messing with oh! so real problems. LOL funny. The second is No Perfect Secret. Washington DC librarian Anna Nesmith has it all—a great marriage, a dream job and a home of her own—until an investigator begins asking questions. Then Anna’s ordered world crashes like Jenga blocks. 99c on Amazon. Nook. Kobo. Apple iBooks and Google Play. Download today and enjoy. Happy reading from Jackie Weger .


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  1. bets2018 says:

    God Bless and hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thank you for helping Jackie, Krystallia. Sending healing thoughts and prayers her way.

  3. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Krystallia, I know you’ve helped Jackie rest more easily with you and Nichlolas stepping in to help! Blessinng to all and healing prayers for Jackie. xoxo

  4. XoXo, Jackie!!! Even with a bump on the head, you can run circles around the rest!!! Get well, my friend!

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