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Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 01•14
Sue Ward

Sue Ward

If you are an indie author, you know Sue Ward. Romance authors, new and established, flock to 2 friends, promote your books with us, a Facebook forum that boasts 3600 active members with more popping  in every day.

Sue and I are not having tea on Back Porch Cyber Chatter today because it is too blamed cold in Bristol, U.K. and Texas U.S.A. Instead, we are snug in cyber space. Perhaps you already know that until the innovation of the Kindle and self-publishing on Amazon, romance novels only had a shelf life between yogurt and ice cream. Romance novels were not reviewed by the reading public. Simply put, the books came out in batches every month and were out of print the next. Reviews were useless. The books moved out of the hands of first purchasers onto the shelves of used books stores where they had a magnificent life—but did not earn a royalty for the author. Here is a fact: The reputations of best-selling category authors such as Janet Dailey and Nora Roberts were made in those used bookstores by avid fans trading Harlequin romance novels.

Another fact: Before we had an ereading public, few published books of any genre were reviewed, and those only in the NY Times, Washington Post and Publisher’s Weekly. Which is not to say a local author did not get attention from his or her local media; we did. Our pictures were in the paper, along with the address of the next book signing. Digital publishing has changed the industry. Now books are on a virtual bookshelf into infinity.

Yet books are still sold by word of mouth, but ‘word of mouth’  is now a review by readers such as Sue Ward. Only two years on Goodreads and this fifty-six year-old British charmer has captured the hearts of indie authors on both sides of the Atlantic. Along with a like-minded friend, Philomena Callan, Sue opened her heart to indie authors, presenting  us with a virtual  bookshelf on which to post  our book links on 2 friends, promote your books with us. It is where we can mention promotions, giveaways, and blog hops. Sites such as 2 friends, promote your books with us serve the same reading public as the used books store with one happy difference—authors earn a royalty every time a book is pulled off the virtual shelf.

2 friends, promote your books with us brings together authors, readers and reviewers. That is huge for a new indie author stumbling around like I once did. Everybody is welcome and it is no wonder that readers, writers and and reviewers line up on both of Sue and Philomena’s sites to find books and see what’s trending.

In addition to posting their reviews on 2 friends, read along with us,  Sue and Philomena also stack those reviews on Goodreads, Amazon  U.S.  and  Amazon U.K. and  Sue also owns a blog in the U.K., where she introduces our books to her British followers. That is key to help us sell to the Brits, because they cannot buy on Amazon U.S.

eBooks and Amazon changed the universe of authors. Now, we self-publish, submit our books to review shops such as Big Al Books and Pals, Julie Whiteley and 2 friends, promote your books with us—and hold our breath until that first review hits Goodreads or Amazon. If those good folks say we have a book—we do. And unlike Net Galley where a subscription costs your first years’ royalties—it’s FREE.

Sue Ward reads and reviews because of her extraordinary passion for books. She is honest and fair and just. She does it all from her cozy home in Bristol, U.K., sharing her home with two grown sons and  Millie, a Yorkshire  Terrier. She drives on the left side of the road, shops at Walmart, and on occasion, tips her hat to the Royal Family.

Go on over and say hello to Sue here:

2friendsreadalongwithus on Facebook

2friendspromoteyourbookwithus onFacebook

Sue on Goodreads

Sue’s UK blog


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  1. sue ward says:

    This was a complete shock! But a nice shock! Wasn’t expecting this. Thank you. All I do is read, review, amazon it, good reads it, facebook it, twitter, Google+ and blog it. I do cover reveals & book promotions free on my blog

  2. Sue and Philomena are indeed wonderful ladies and a great resource for indie authors! They do what they do for no profit despite the occasional wackadoodle giving them grief, too. Great post, Jackie!

  3. Sue has made a name for herself in a short period of time as the gal in the UK who needs to review your indie book. Jackie and Sue, keep up your great work in letting all of us newbie indies know the skinny on writing and publishing well and on getting read.


  4. Great post, Jackie. It’s nice to learn about these two special ladies and their affinity for other authors…especially those of us who write romance. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Joanne says:

    You’re absolute right re the second hand book shop and Nora Roberts – I found my first Nora there back in the mid 1990s, a Silhouette, and was hooked on her categories. Thanks for introducing Sue to us!!

  6. Sarah Lane says:

    Great post! It is interesting to view all the changes in the book world over the last few years from a long-established romance novelist’s point of view. Thanks to avid readers and reviewers like Sue Ward, reviews are much more accessible to authors, and readers can discover great new titles.

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