“Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and snarky dialogue…”

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 02•20

Snip Weger head shot 2I suffer from a multiple personality disorder… As soon as I put my fingers on a keyboard those dang personalities get loose and get inside my books, and I’m stuck with them. They are crazy, eccentric, and mouthy. Some are funny, some are sad, but they all have one thing in common–all are like teenagers! They think they are entitled to be front and center on every dang page.  It is all I can do to keep them from making fools of themselves or me. Some are older than a century, some younger than five. The only time they leave me alone is when I go to Bingo or crabbing in a Matagorda estuary. One of my favorite characters is Phoebe Hawley. Haven’t heard of her? Read on, then grab her story absolutely FREE!

Phoebe Hawley, an out-of-work-mill girl, six generations removed from the Okefenokee Swamp, is on a mission to find her family a home. She aims her old truck South–toward the coast and finds exactly the right place in the tiny fishing village of Bayou La Batre, Alabama, where a half-dozen great and small rivers and canals flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Phoebe recognizes G.G. Morgan’s kissing lips, but is more impressed with the calluses on his hands–a working man’s hands. Moreover, she is instantly enamored of G. G. Morgan’s land, long before she’s enamored of the man himself.



“Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and snarky dialogue.”

FREE Southern-Style Chick Lit

Twenty-four-year old Phoebe Hawley is on a quest to find her family a home. On the road with two siblings, twelve-year-old Maydean and five-year-old Willie-Boy, Phoebe is out of money, out of gas, and out of patience. The only things she owns in abundance are backbone and pride–neither of which she can trade for food or gas.A collision with Gage Morgan puts Phoebe’s mission in even worse jeopardy–until Phoebe discovers Gage owns the perfect place for her clan. However, she soon discovers that Gage is the unlikeliest man in the universe to offer a helping hand.

Phoebe wields all the country smarts she owns to worm her way into Gage’s heart, but nothing works. With time running against her family, she plies one last inducement–her scarce feminine wiles.​

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  1. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Jackie, your blog posts are the best and always brighten my day! Finding Home should be on everyone’s must-read list!

    ~ Robyn

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you so much, Robyn!

      Sorry so long to respond. I’m coping with a broken arm. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and Finding Home. It means a lot coming from such a fine writer as yourself! <3

  2. I loved this book! It’s filled with the same sass and verve as this post 🙂

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you so much, Jacquie!

      Sorry so long to respond. I’m coping with a broken arm, but I love the comments and appreciate them so much from such fine writers like you! Also thrilled that you you love my sass and verve! 😉

  3. Krystallia Papadimitriou says:

    I could not tell which of your characters I prefer. I think I love all your strong, never stop fighting women and could not possibly choose just one!

  4. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    I strive to be as feisty as YOU and your characters. 🙂 I will tell all my friends about your free book today! Thank you.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you so much, Donna!

      Sorry so long to respond. I’m coping with a broken arm, but I love the comments and appreciate them so much from such fine writers like you! <3

  5. I just began reading “Finding Home” and I am in love with you, the author, Phoebe, the heroine and everyone in this tale. I must, MUST have another Weger book to look forward to or else i will just refuse to finish this one. How could this book be free when it is the best I have read in months?

  6. Bea Terry says:

    Hello Jackie,
    Oh, how I would love to sit down with you this afternoon and just talk about Phoebe! What an amazing young lady and with such spunk! Between Phoebe and that sexy junk dealer, the other characters in ‘Finding Home’ grab your attention and sure made life interesting for the entire book. I loved how Phoebe stuck to her ‘up-bringing’ through thick and thin. You made her good, southern raising so obvious as she made decision after decision to stay true to what her Pa and Ma taught her. . . loved the way she disciplined Maydean, Willie-Boy and Dori!
    Oh, I could go on and on with how delightful ‘Finding Home’ is but I will stop with I am so glad I found you on Amazon and look forward to receiving ‘A Mother for Christmas’ day after tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing your writing with us on Amazon.
    Bea Terry
    PS: This praise for your writing comes from an old [84 yr. old] southern girl whose mother taught her those same values as Ma taught Phoebe; mother who grew up poor as a church mouse and picked her share of cotton as a child and yet managed to give this old world a daughter who ended up teaching school and a son who was graduated from college and built his own business from scratch.
    Proud of my southern heritage . . . as you can tell.

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