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Written By: Jackie Weger - Aug• 21•18


How many times inside your marriage did you want to do this? Grab all of the money out of your joint account, do a number on the jerk’s truck and hit the road for a new life…

Jana Embers does just that. She adopts a cat for companionship, eschews men, chooses a perfectly sized and shaped device and writes about the perfect hero.  Determined to share her philosophy, she pens You Don’t Need a Man, encouraging women everywhere to go out and experience life instead of waiting for a man to complete them. She makes it work.

Until You Don’t Need a Man makes the best seller list and her philosophy starts shredding around the edges.  A shoulder injury puts a crimp in her new carefree lifestyle. Worse yet, she can’t write. Her only hope is Dr. Adrian Kijek, a renowned physical therapist who hates her simply because she wrote a book about not needing a man.

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What readers are saying about Some Lucky Woman… 


Refreshing and Riveting…[It] was a fascinating look at an authors life in today’s market. It was so romantic and delightfully free of bedroom scenes.

Great Story and even greater message…From housewife to writer to something else, keeps Jana moving through her life quickly now and her life just keeps getting complicated.

Some Lucky Woman…I love Jana’s character as she is very honest and as soon as she uncovers one of life’s truths, she incorporates it into her own life. This is a wonderful story of a woman finding herself and finding a man that shares her interests.

What’s Love got to do with it? This was first a delightful plot and second, a good love story. I loved her cat, J’Austen.

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©Jackie Weger, August 2018

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  1. Alexa Dare says:

    Interesting! Can’t wait to read!

  2. Sounds like a great read!

  3. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    I have Some Lucky Woman on my Kindle!

  4. Jackie Weger says:

    Oh, My! The book is fab- U-Lous. I’m reading it now.

  5. Thank you so much, Jackie! What a beautiful post!!! ?

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Jana’s story of life, family, and love!

  6. Sounds fun and it’s free!

  7. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Cannot wait to read! The story sounds delicious!!

  8. Great, this sounds like my sort of book – I’ll certainly read it. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

  9. I’m off on a cruise in 2 weeks. This will be perfect reading. Tx!

  10. Sounds like a fantastic read! Good luck with your promo, Carmen 🙂

  11. Amy Vansant says:

    About to go on a mini vacation, perfect timing for my plane/pool reading!

  12. susan Tarr says:

    Perhaps this is to be my new life. Wonderful.

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