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Written By: Jackie Weger - Jul• 17•19


I so enjoy writing Book Talk blogs to showcase books and writers you may or may not know. I love the books you’re going to hear about. The key for me is the story has to entertain and this group of writers gets it. They do it. The stories are filled with characters you’ll adore, drama, humor and feel good endings. Starting you off with a book by A.J. Lape. I love Darcy Walker.  That girl is TROUBLE on a stick.

Darcy Walker is making ends meet delivering pizza to the glamorous and glitterati while attending the Police Academy in Los Angles. Darcy spent her youth in the Midwest among good plain folk–except for killers, of course. An amateur sleuth, she’s on her way to a police badge–if she can say alive in Side Hustle. 99c. Or Read Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Read about Darcy’s creator, a talented Ohioan writer,  A.J. Lape, on Amazon.  Click here Bookbub to follow A.J. on Bookbub so you’ll never miss a sale or new release.

Next, meet Susanne Mathews. This French-Canadian writer lives in Cornwall, Ontario, a small city on the Canada/U.S. border. A retired teacher, Susanne writes across multiple genres including, suspense, contemporary, historical, paranormal, fantasy, YA, and sci-fi.  All of her books have a touch of romance and a feel good ending. Do pick up Just for the Weekend–one of those feel-good stories.

Kindergarten teacher Cleo James is in a rut.  A friend suggests a weekend in Las Vegas at a sci-fi convention. Cleo thinks nothing could possibly go wrong. Married in two days. That’s an Oops she didn’t see coming. Cleo disappears. Her new husband is determined to find her.  The twists in this story will hold you until the last page. Be sure to follow Susanne on Bookbub. You know the ropes. Just click on the link. For more about Susanne and her list of books, see her Amazon author page.

Now here’s real treat for you: Healthy Scratch by Robyn M.Ryan, one of the most popular sports romance authors in our indie universe. Dozens of her fans say: “Romance and hockey! It just doesn’t get better than that!” Robyn knows her stuff.  She was a sports journalist and minor league ‘bat-person’. She also scored a PR internship with Atlanta Flames NHL team during its first season. Read more about Robyn on Amazon

Relationships are not in Lauren Gentry’s playbook. The only kind she’s willing to consider are friends-with-benefits and even a sexy hockey player like Dave Martin isn’t going to change that. Dave Martin has other ideas. It all happens in Healthy Scratch.

Now, meet Margaret Daly, a writer who grew up in the hills of New York State.  Her home burned and all her family owned was ash. It was a major scary event event in her young life from whence she dove into the dark world as a teenager and from there spent much of her life in unfortunate situations.  Lucky for us, her life has leveled out and she writing page-turning romantic suspense.  In Monsters in My Closet, [a Reader’s Favorite] Becky aches for a new start in life free of her past. Former military, Becky writes advice columns, but can’t seem to take her own advice. Her last relationship fizzled. She’s not ready for another, but she collides with a runner and is enthralled by the man’s looks and concern. Stephen’s smile captures her heart. Yet, Becky is uncertain she can keep her secrets and monsters at bay long enough to give love a second chance. Do follow Margaret Daly on Bookbub.

You absolutely will enjoy this Victorian Historical, My Fair Guardian by Suzanne Rogers. Bethany Christensen is saddled with an unwanted, decidedly common guardian. He needs polishing to be fit for good society. As for Willoughby Winter, all that stands between him and his inheritance is to marry Bethany off to any man in Society who will take her. Bethany has other ideas. Distraction is her goal—by hook or by crook. ~ Read My Fair Guardian FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  Suzanne lives in romantic Savannah, Georgia, on an island populated by deer, exotic birds, turtles, otters, and gators. Find out more about Suzanne on her Amazon Author Page. And do browse her list of more than twenty-five books.

Here you go: A refreshing Small Town Romance, The Sheriff’s Woman 99c. By Jackie Weger. That’s me. Here’s what one of my fans says:  “In addition to enjoying this heart-warming story, I found (to my delight) that this author writes a clean book that’s full of emotion, drama and humor, but it is also free of vulgar language and sex scenes. Highly recommended.”  Sold on all venues. Take your pick: Amazon. Apple iBooks. Google Play. B&N Nook. Kobo. Showing off this fabulous meme made by my Virtual Assistant, Krystallia.

A little something extra for you from Accent on Romance: A GIVEAWAY. Click HERE.

Just what you need after a day at the beach or pool, a Spa basket.


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    Awesome blog! Love the books and the authors! Great books and a giveaway! Can’t ask for more!

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