No Perfect Destiny

Written By: Jackie Weger


No Perfect Destiny

~Romantic Suspense~

“Delightful. I loved the sense of humor between the characters in this love story.” ~ merry g, avp

“As soon as I started reading No Perfect Destiny, I knew I was in the hands of an experienced author and story-teller. Her phrasing and use of words is glorious; her heroine is sassy and her hero strong and authentic – but no cardboard cut-out.” ~ jan-jan, avp

It is such a joy to read Jackie Weger books. They are true, timeless love stories with a bit of suspense, a pinch of spice a hot, honest hard working man and lots and lots of a love we all strive to find. ~ Kindle customer

“So wonderful I never put it down. Read the entire book in one night.” cat bellu, avp

Leah Spenser owns a decrepit car, a budget that won’t stretch, and the moxie to make a decent life. She lives in the present until one sun-drenched day, a past she has outrun imperils her future and threatens all she holds dear. When her boss announces that someone is embezzling company funds, history begins to repeat itself. Detective Leo Garvey has her in his sights as the number one suspect and more. Leah knows she must be careful, that nothing good could come from his attraction. Leo doesn’t see it her way. Guilty or innocent, she is the one. Convincing Leah the past can only be escaped by embracing something better seems to fall on deaf ears. While Leo works to uncover the truth, Leah determines it will never surface.

A little bit of back story.  It doesn’t matter how good we are, how strong we are, or how honest, we sometimes suffer being the underdog and find ourselves accused of something we did not do. We are often not prepared to defend ourselves. Or we depend upon the person we admire most in our lives to keep us safe.  This happened to a good friend many years ago. She worked in a nice hotel. There was a theft of a night deposit of receipts from the restaurant she managed. She was accused and fired. Several months later, there was another theft of the night deposits. The new manager of the restauarant was a man and not a pushover. And lo, his brother was a deputy sheriff. An investigation ensued. The culprit? The night security guard, who was supposed to protect assets. Not steal them. Did my good friend get an apology and her job back? No. People in authority do NOT like to admit a wrong. So, when I wrote about Leah, I repaired that wrong. We often must live with events that do not come to a wonderful and good resolution, but we can make it happen in a book. So, I did.

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