No Perfect Secret

Written By: Jackie Weger
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“I kept reading when I should have been sleeping” ~ soleofoo avp

“Intriguing! This was a very intriguing book and I added it to my Favorite Collection.” ~ patricia avp

“I love this book. It was truly an amazing story. The author put humor, despair, and everything you can imagine in it and made a wonderful, exciting love story on top of it. Read the biography at the end. She is funny.” ~ gail hodges avp

Betrayed thrice over by her husband, Anna Nesmith believes her imploded life will right itself if only she buys a dog. Investigator Frank Caburn has other ideas. Man to the bone and manufacturing testosterone like Frito Lay does chips, he is at once attracted to Anna. All he wants is to fall in love and be done with it. Anna Nesmith is the one. But how to tell her without tripping over a layer of lies is beyond him. Adding to Caburn’s woe are his elderly bosses–both of whom who plan to keep their jobs until the Rapture or the sun burns out—whichever comes last–a cross-dressing dominatrix with OCD, a purple haired hacker on parole, and Anna’s back-stabbing mother-in-law. Falling love has never been more difficult!

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Also in paperback  348 pages

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