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Free Audiobook!

Hello, friends!

I hope you are safe, warm, and happy!

Me, I’m cuddled up in my new electric blanket, waiting for spring so I can see my new bulbs pop up!

In the meanwhile, I’m sheltering in place and catching up on reading! Since I know many of you are in the same situation, I’m offering a couple of my new audiobooks absolutely free. I only have so many, though, so please get your requests in ASAP.

New to audiobooks, no worries. I will send you a link that will walk you through the process.

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Talking about Books, Audiobooks, and Freshly Baked Eyeglasses…

cooked glassesHello, Fans and Friends! Welcome to the Year 2020.
If you’re like me, you have to write 2020 fifteen times lest you still date everything 2019.
I’ve been absent a while because I’ve been ill. Not to mention My Keeper roasted my glasses. Yep, I looked everywhere for the things and opened the oven to bake some cornbread and there they were.
Telling you, I came close to selling him on eBay for five cents. All is well now, though, and I want to share some great books with you.
First up, if you’ve missed it, Finding Home, which features one of my favorite characters, Phoebe Hawley, is FREE for a limited time. Plus, if you like audiobooks, reply to this email for a complimentary copy. Hurry, I only have so many to share, so first-come, first-served.
finding_home-jackie_weger ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fun romance
Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and snarky dialogue. – Top #1000 Vine Voice ReviewerWithout a cent to her name, Phoebe Hawley is determined to find somewhere in the rural South to settle down with her young siblings. Grumpy Gage Morgan has the perfect home for them — but will her charm be enough to convince him to share?
Find it on Amazon.com.
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WOOT! Here’s the second part of our Fall in Love with New Books event. Six fabulous books for you to download, plus a Giveaway that includes a Kindle Fire and $$$. Bonus! Free gift codes for an Audible book. Sponsored by eBook Betty.

I’m just wondering this: Do you know that you can click all of the live links in a blog or newsletter, download the books and then click on the back arrow on the Left top bar and get right back to where you started? Not being a techie, it took me forever to figure that out.  Now about the Giveaway. On offer a Kindle Fire and Gift Cards.  Next, look at all of these wonderful books. Each is discounted or FREE for this super-sized event.

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Woot! Look at all of the goodies we have for you! Good books by Top Tier Authors, FREE codes for Audible books, plus a Giveaway ~ $$$ and a Kindle Fire. Sponsored by eBookBetty.


First up a real treat for you. A Romance by Kostas Krommydas, a star in the hit British Series, The Durrells. Dominion of the Moon: In the final stages of WWII, an archaeologist unearths the face of the goddess who has been haunting his dreams for years. In present-day Greece, an Interpol officer comes face-to-face with long-buried family secrets and an enigmatic woman. When gods and demons pull the threads, no one can escape their fate. FREE 9/16 ~ 20, 2019.

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All about Audible Books and Goodies! Goodies! Goodies!

It’s never been a better time to lock in your subscription to Audible.com.  Here’s the offer: Sign up for the first time with your Prime Membership and get three months subscription for $5.00 a month. Don’t pass it up. That’s 66% off. Cancel any time and keep your books. But you won’t cancel once you’ve listened to these fabulous books. You’ll want more. We’ve got ’em. Here’s a tip, if you already own the ebook, you get the Audible for $7.49 or less. So buy the ebook if  FREE or 99c and get the Audible for $7 or less.

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