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The Ghost Who Wouldn’t Be

The Ghost who wouldn’t be…

…a conversation with Lottie Mae Roberts from The House on Persimmon Road

Lottie Mae Roberts

It is almost four years on since the House on Persimmon Road was published. Fans and readers have asked dozens of questions about Lottie, who in hind site took over the novel. So, I’ve returned to the House on Persimmon Road in late Spring, not as a writer, but as a guest.  Wearing an apron, the bib straight-pinned to her cotton house dress, and a pleasant expression, Lottie welcomed me into the house. The grand hall seemed larger than I recalled.  The old floors gleamed, the walls painted a rich cream. I asked what changes Tucker and Justine had made. Lottie opened a door on the south wall. “This was my linen room. Now it’s an indoor bathroom. Can’t even hang my herbs to dry in season. Used to have lavender, mint, sage, marigold and such.”

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Interview with: Parnell Stillman The Reluctant Hero

The Reluctant Hero

Parnell Stillman ~ Pilot

We are in Captain Stillman’s double-wide mobile home. Unlike the hanger where he stores and repairs his planes, the place is prickly clean. While he’s brewing coffee for us, I use the bathroom. Green and white striped towels on racks are perfectly aligned. Shaving cream and a  battery-powered razor are in a leather kit. Tooth brush in a holder. Colgate toothpaste in a cup. I peek into his bedroom. A King-sized bed made up to military specifications. A dark blue navy blanket tucked so tight a dime would bounce. Captain Stillman comes up behind me.

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