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The Ghost Who Wouldn’t Be – Jackie Interviews one of her Favorite Characters! Grab your FREE Copy of this Sweet and Witty Southern-Style Chick Lit Today!

Fans have asked dozens of questions about the ghost who took over The House on Persimmon Road with her witty and old-fashioned ways. So Jackie decided to drop in, not as a writer, but as a guest to have a chat with Lottie.


If you haven’t read The House on Persimmon Road, it’s FREE for a Limited Time!

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If you’ve already read this Southern-Style Chick Lit with just a Smidgen of Romance and a Hint of Paranormal, continue to the interview now!



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“Believable characters with distinct personalities. Thought-provoking and snarky dialogue…”

Snip Weger head shot 2I suffer from a multiple personality disorder… As soon as I put my fingers on a keyboard those dang personalities get loose and get inside my books, and I’m stuck with them. They are crazy, eccentric, and mouthy. Some are funny, some are sad, but they all have one thing in common–all are like teenagers! They think they are entitled to be front and center on every dang page.  It is all I can do to keep them from making fools of themselves or me. Some are older than a century, some younger than five. The only time they leave me alone is when I go to Bingo or crabbing in a Matagorda estuary. One of my favorite characters is Phoebe Hawley. Haven’t heard of her? Read on, then grab her story absolutely FREE!

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Celebrate Your Freedom to Read with Free and $0.99 Bestsellers!

Last Chance Free and $0.99 Bestsellers! Prices Good through 7/17/20 Only!

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the_harbor_of_lies-debra_burroughs FREE Cozy Mystery, Romantic Suspense

The simmering romance between P.I. Emily and her cop boyfriend has been filled with danger and drama. They are finally getting married—if they can make it to the altar unscathed. Days before their wedding, Emily finds a body outside her hotel room, drawing them into another murder mystery with an ending nobody saw coming… LEARN MORE.​

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Celebrate Your Freedom To Read with Free and $0.99 Bestsellers!

jackie_weger-30_years-of_meWhat a difference thirty years makes!

See me at age Fifty and now at age Eighty. Yes, it’s looks, but I can tell you those thirty years have been grand. Kids grown up. Husband left. That was a man who had his hand Gorilla Glued to his wallet. Miserable old coot.

Joy overcame disgust. I checked off my bucket list: went to university; lived on an island; sailed in the Pacific; settled for a few years in a tiny jungle village. Traveled to the UK and took the Chunnel to Paris. Visited every Cathedral and museum in my path on two Continents…

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Spring Fling with Free and Bargain Bestsellers!

Jackie Weger and Miss Flannery

You can’t beat your local community theater for inexpensive shows. A pair of my lady friends took me to see Thoroughly Modern Millie. The music was super, but for me, Miss Flannery stole the show with her quips and facial expressions which were wildly funny.

Similar to this great show, The House on Persimmon Road is still one of my all-time favorite books to write. The personalities of the characters surprised me no end. I hope you enjoy reading about Justine Hale and her zany family as much as I loved writing her story.

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Deck the Halls with Bounds of eBooks

Christmas time is here again and I can’t help but admire the intricate way some folks trim their trees. I myself have a basic Charlie Brown tree with antiques and memories. But I write and know books that transcend all ages. So, let me help you decorate your Kindle with all these wonderful books that are on special through December 30th.


this_piece_of_my_heart-robyn_ryan “Sweet love story that still sizzles…”

Innocent Coed. Red Hot Hockey Star. Fate places them on a collision course. Will sweet summer romance cool when autumn leaves begin to fall? Or will the sizzle of anticipated passion warm this couple through the long winter to come?


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HELLO MARCH! Book Talk, Giveaway and Lagniappe.


Happening Now! Books on 99c Special or Free by your favorite authors. And a Giveaway. Four Amazing gifts. Four winners. Hundreds of $$$ in prizes. Accepting entrants now. Of course you’re lucky! All of our fans are so Enter now! But! Before you wander off to enter the Giveaway, read about some great books below. By now all of you know what Lagniappe means ~ a little something extra… You’ll find ten Reader Appreciation gifts at the bottom of this blog. First come, first get it. Just click on the Leprechaun to claim your gift with love, from Jackie Weger.

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Oooo. Look What Santa’s Elves have for you…

Santa’s Elves are hard at work on your Christmas wish list. Find FREE and 99c Best Sellers for stocking stuffers and your Holiday reads. Plus …….. Enter to Win more than $150 in prizes we chose just for you…… 

Don’t leave here empty-handed.  Choose some or all of these best selling books for your cozy reading nook. Some are FREE and 99c now, but all will be priced just right December 17-21, 2018.  Accent on Romance Giveaway is live right now. 

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The Real Skinny on Artificial Intelligence

New Contraptions. Old Brain.

No, I wasn’t born under a rock, but I was born during the Depression which means I am not a Millennial. My kids aren’t even Millennials. What I am is O.L.D. and I’m trying to grasp artificial intelligence. An online dictionary says AI is a noun: the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. Also, AI can drive cars–which I’m not allowed to do, so that piqued my interest.

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Why Don’t Men Listen? And Don’t Talk to me About Mars.

YES, I’ve read Men are from Mars, Women from Venus

But I don’t live with a Martian, although My Keeper acts like an alien too often.  Aliens don’t have ears, do they? You know what I’m talking about. Try explaining something to a man and his expression goes flat~unless he smirks with derision as in ‘I already know that’.  This happened: I’ve been ill for a while so I’m not allowed to drive. I asked my Keeper to take me to the UPS Store. He looked it up on Google so tells me he know right where to go. He drives through two shopping centers. We end up at Payless Shoes. No problem, he needs a new pair of sandals. I pull out my lovely new iPhone and ask Siri, ‘how far am I from the nearest UPS Store. Two shopping centers over right behind my bank. Yep. My Keeper wasn’t wrong. Blame Google maps. Bite my tongue!

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