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Book Promotions ~ Indie Authors Report Results Part 2

What can you expect when you put an ebook in promotion?

Back Porch Cyber Chatter

Welcome to the Cyber
Porch where eNovel authors gather to chat.

We hope to answer that question here. This is the second in a series of articles in which indie authors share their actual experiences in the  ehow of

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Back Porch Cyber Chatter with Jenny Harper


Some authors have more exciting lives than the characters in their books.

Jenny Harper is one of them.

Jenny Harper

Visit Jenny’s blog in the UK. Have a nice trip!

Jenny Harper lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, was born in India and grew up in England. She has been a non-fiction editor, a journalist and a businesswoman. She’s written a children’s novel and several books about Scotland. Nowadays she writes contemporary women’s fiction with bite– complex characters facing serious issues.

A writer’s path is littered with obstacles

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Amazon unleashes new subscription program: Kindle Unlimited

Jackie Weger

Jackie Weger

Unleashed July 18, 2014 on all indie authors published in KDP Select on Amazon and Amazon readers, too,  Kindle Unlimited is a new subscription service. $9.99 a month. Readers can download unlimited titles for $9.99 as opposed to Amazon Prime that allows only a single title borrow per month. Critical to authors–in order to get paid a portion of the global fund $ set aside in KOLL, a reader must read at least 10% of the book.  Subscribers to  Amazon Prime need only to ‘borrow’ the title for the author to get a royalty. No reading required. Indie authors across the internet and in blogs and forums are looking askance at Kindle Unlimited and wondering what the heck it means. Asking how they’ll get paid for the download–if ever.

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One Awful Four-Letter Word

Write what You Know

One of my most embarrassing moments as a writer happened when I was standing before two hundred or so writers, editors and publishers and critiquing manuscripts as a subtext in a talk on Write What You Know. There I was standing on the podium, ego rattling away on the topic when a little old lady in the second row hollered out:

You didn’t!

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Your Amazon Author Page ~~ Is it Working for You?

Jackie Weger

Click on image to visit Jackie’s Amazon Author Page

When it comes to social media authors leap onto  to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and a myriad of other social media platforms and often overlook the power and presentation of an Amazon Author Page. Inside Author Central is where all of your books are listed and the place to create your bio. When an author launches a book and begins to promote a title, more often than not, the information on your Amazon Author Page bio is what lands in a promotion highlight.  When you guest post on blogs, very often the only link to your name is your Amazon Author Page.

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A Hallelujah! Moment in a Writer’s Life


Or sometimes it can just be the way the mop flops…


Franklin E. WalesThere is an empyreal quality in life called happenstance. Some call it kismet. Nietzsche called it amor fati.  I’m from the South. If something awful happens and we can’t do anything about it, we just say, ‘that’s the way the mop flops.’ If something good happens, we say, ‘Praise the Lord’ or ‘Hallelujah!’

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An Indie Author’s Nightmare

22,000 eBook Download Disaster

 A failure as catastrophic to the author as the Chernobyl meltdown she wrote about


 Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl

Mary Mycio

Mary Mycio

Mary Mycio self-published Doing Bizness: A Nuclear Thriller  in June 2013. She has the background for it. A journalist and the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants, Mycio wrote a non-fiction book, Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl. Mycio visited Chernobyl; she speaks the language, she investigated, she met and talked with those in the know. The book was published in 2005. Wormwood Forest reads as solid and as interesting as her fiction. Not a dry word in the tome.

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Editors Are Not Fairy Godmothers

There are three wonderful innovations from the last century that made my life easier. Liquid Paper (1951), Velcro (1955) and fitted sheets (1959).  However, three other innovations from the last century have often made my writing life utter misery: WordStar and Word Perfect were turned loosed on the public in 1979. Microsoft Word came along in 1986. I did not find WordStar or Word Perfect user friendly. I had no acquaintance with Microsoft Word until I was in college in 2002.

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Beyond Fate

I am happy to tell y’all Beyond Fate was released by Liquid Silver Books on schedule. Once in a while a writer will create characters that linger in the mind. Sometimes while we’re putting those characters on page they become family. We think about them, we dream about them, we gossip about them. If we could, we’d invite them to birthdays parties and holiday dinners. We want to call them up and ask, “Hey, how’re y’all doing?” That’s how I feel about Cleo and Fletcher, Big Momma and little Katie.  Too, a few things happened when I was camping in the Okefenokee Swamp that never made into the book. Dusk was only a brush stroke away soon after I arrived and I was unpacking the trunk of my car when I felt something huge brush my left arm. A deer was standing right there, watching me unload foodstuffs. Campers are instructed not to feed the wildlife. Guess what. They feed themselves. That doe had a box of saltine crackers opened inside of ten seconds and was munching away. When I lifted the cooler out, she tried to follow me into the cabin. When I returned to the car, there were a pair of raccoons in the trunk, chattering away as they tore apart bananas–and they did not want to be disturbed while eating their dinner. I was able to save only a handful of grapes and canned goods, and my bag of coffee–thank goodness, because I am wholly nonfunctional without it. Or maybe that’s dysfunctional. A seven-foot long king snake lived beneath the front stoop to the cabin. A good thing, I was told, because they kill rattlesnakes and water moccasins. Each animal had its favorite foodstuffs. The deer craved anything salty, the raccoons preferred fruits, opossums lapped up sweets, the squirrels and birds grabbed crumbs of anything, and the bears knew how to flip the lid on ketchup bottles and suck out the entire contents. Of course, the king snake just ate his brethren while mosquitoes, flies and sand fleas snacked on me.  
But, I’d do it all again just to meet up with the cast of characters in Beyond Fate.

Jackie Weger

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Contemporary Romance No Perfect Secret

If you’re still wondering if No Perfect Secret will entertain you, here are a list of sites posting recent reviews.  No Perfect Secret is a category romance. Lightly sexed.

ReviewedAtCTR (1)
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