Collected Editions

Written By: Jackie Weger

Almost Perfect

Three Volume Collection

Three-Book Collection

A three volume Collection of  full length books to lift your heart.

Three men, seductive as sin and living single, meet three strong women passionate about life, loving and family who will change their lives forever.

No Perfect Secret

“Awesome story, wonderful characters, great plot. I couldn’t put it down.”

“Oh my, the comic relief is superbly written, timing is everything and this author has done it, ‘perfectly’.”

“Talk about a plot with secrets, this one just kept giving. I loved all the crazy wonderful characters in this story.”

Betrayed thrice over by her husband, Anna Nesmith believes her imploded life will right itself if only she buys a dog. Investigator Frank Caburn has other ideas. He already owns a dog. Man to the bone and manufacturing testosterone like Frito Lay does chips, he is attracted to Anna. All he wants is to fall in love and be done with it. Anna Nesmith is the one. But how to tell her without tripping over a layer of secrets is beyond him. Adding to Caburn’s woe are his elderly bosses–both of whom who plan to keep their jobs until the Rapture or the sun burns out—whichever comes last, a cross-dressing dominatrix with OCD, a purple haired hacker on parole, and Anna’s back-stabbing mother-in-law. Falling in love has never been more difficult.



Setting Up House

We are proud to announce that FINDING HOME is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree.

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“All three of these books have original and unique plots, great dialogue, sweet romance, and wildly funny characters. Highly recommended!” – amazon reviewer

“I absolutely loved this book. improbable as it may be, it was delightful. Characters are well drawn and sympatico. Just loved everything about it.”

“I just loved this book. The plot was fresh and humorous and unique.”

“This is the funniest book(s) I have ever read.”

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Just in time for cozying up to a toasty fire, Setting Up House, a collection of Jackie Weger’s three most popular full-length novels packed with love and laughter and adventures of the heart. Three love stories about ordinary men and women hoping for safe haven, a home and hearth, someone to love and be loved in return and a bit happiness at the end of the day. Join Justine Hale as she moves her eccentric family into a house rented sight unseen in Alabama’s rich delta land. Justine is flummoxed when she discovers the house is owned by a Civil War ghost with her own agenda. Follow the high jinx of Phoebe Hawley, country as they come, but full of moxie and pride on her quest to find her family a home in a tiny fishing village on the Gulf Coast. The earth tilts during the summer solstice. Phoebe is determined to put it right because family is everything. Stay cool all summer with The Reluctant Hero as Rebecca Hollis, tasked with finding homes for five orphans, finds herself battling the elements and more–a lonely pilot who considers the lot of them the most irksome freight he has ever hauled in his life.


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