eNovel Authors Report Promotion Results Part V

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 08•15

Small Campaigns Work Just Fine

Big Red. Patience Prevails

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Welcome again to Back Porch Cyber Chatter. We are having some lovely Fall weather in Texas right now. I’m not the only one enjoying it. Take a look at Big Red, my endearing feral cat who is short on teeth, but long on love. Draped over the stair railing, he is waiting patiently for his soft serve. We indie authors could learn a lot about patience from Big Red. Patience goes a long way when we indie authors are trying to establish a foothold in our virtual universe. It may seem to you that some indie authors dwell in the Lap of the Gods. They don’t. They work harder and promote their books more often. We indie authors must work for our successes. Moreover the savvy indie author works within the market climate available. A successful indie may build upon past glory, but I guarantee you, he or she has to sell books in today’s market to see a royalty check. Yesterday is G.O.N.E.

Small strides can get you where you want to be. Not every indie author has the time or budget to manage a huge FREE or discounted book promotion.  Some of us let our books lie fallow on the virtual shelf while writing a new book,  going on vacation, or we find our writing lives interrupted by family emergencies and needs. A couple of members in eNovel Authors at Work share the results of smaller campaigns.  The goal is to keep our books visible in a dedicated community of readers. It works.  Gathering a few crosseover sales/borrows on priced titles and capturing a few organic reviews is a plus.

Cover Millie's Game Plan

… Romantic Comedy …

First up is Rosie Dean’s  promotion of Millie’s Game Plan priced FREE globally  in a fkbt Labor Day Special promotion. $25. Rosie put the book FREE September 5,6,7/2015. The single day paid promo with fkbt put 2,801 units in reader’s hands. Millie’s Game Plan landed on Amazon’s Best Seller FREE in the #182 spot. This is an excellent rise from a starting rank of 236,517. Goal achieved–visibility for Dean’s book plus a few crossover sales on her priced titles. The book is enrolled in KDP Select.

Chicklit Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Chicklit Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Ellie Campbell floated a KCD 99¢ in mid September on When Good Friends Go Bad. When engaging in a KCD, you may choose your territory. Ellie did NOT promote the KCD on amazon.com. We all know Bookbub is the premier of ebook promoters for indie authors. Very costly. See the price list HERE. However, again, one may choose a Bookbub slot for a single territory. Much cheaper than focusing on all territories. That Bookbub slot cost Ellie $60.  One may advertize a FREE contemporary romance with Bookbub to the UK audience for £16 which is about $25 US. Here are the list of sites Ellie promoted When Good Friends Go Badhttp://www.kufads.com $16. Book Hippo–FREE but donated $10. https://uk.fiverr.com/bknights $5.50. https://uk.fiverr.com/facebookprogig $21. EBook Deal of Day UK $10. Misc $10.

Because in eNovel we try out adverts and promotions, Ellie bought an ad on Twitter $100. Facebook Ads Manager $27.

Total spent $280.50. Books sold: 370 = $389 for a Return on Investment (ROI) of $109.
Ellie tells us the Twitter ads did not bring in any sales but a $50 promoted tweet got 141,353 impressions. 4774 engagements. Media engagements 3444. Detail expands 760.  Link Clicks 290. Profile Clicks 137. Favourites 64.  Follows 21.  RT 48. Hashtag clicks 3. Count that $100 for exposure. Facebook ad did not produce sales, but again a learning experience. Targeting one’s audience on Facebook seems to be the key.


Every site mentioned in this blog is live linked to the site. Check it out. And if you think it might work for you, start a Best Sites to Promote file and as you note a promo site, pop it on the list. You will soon discover you have a choice of more than 150 sites, free and paid on which to submit your books. If you need reviews on your books, go HERE to get a head’s up on how to approach a reviewer plus some easily accomplished activities to gather those reviews. Dozens more sites, all vetted, are at the foot of articles on eNovel Authors at Work.

As a Foot Note: Since Amazon introduced KENPC or pay by pages read, we tote up those pages after our FREE and Priced Book campaigns. Here are a few recent reports by individual eNovel members: July:  970,000 pages read.  August: 1+ Million. September: 444,811 pages read.  First six days in October coming off of a book in a FREE campaign: 153,759 KENP pages read.

Promotions are a big deal for indie authors. So are reviews. The single most effective way to gather reviews on your book is to put this gentle gem of a plea right after THE END…

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you. [author name].

Would love it if you followed me on Amazon. Thank you...

Would love it if you followed me on Amazon.
Thank you…


I’m Jackie Weger, romance writer and Founder of eNovel Authors at Work.Comments Welcome. We enjoy networking and would love to hear about your own indie author experiences and book promotions.

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  1. So helpful…as usual! Much thanks, Jackie!

  2. Rosie Dean says:

    It’s always exciting and a little nail-biting when promos go out, and rewarding when they reap results.

    To any fellow author, I’d say, dip your toe in the water of a small promo and gradually build up experience. But ALWAYS do a little research on the promoter with whom you are investing your cash.

    Thanks, Jackie, for bringing the fkbt promo to my attention.

  3. Great article, Jackie. It’s very helpful to see someone’s actual promo results. I’m going to share this article with my Twitter followers. Thanks!

  4. Traci Hall says:

    I am doing a promo next week, and I have used the eNovel lists provided. I can’t wait to share — I hope with such wonderful results! Thank you, Jackie, and ladies, for sharing the information.

  5. RP Dahlke says:

    I agree! In these quickly changing times, I’m now doing more small promos for 3-4 books a month instead of just one book per month. I pay less, overall, and get more downloads, sales and KU pick ups!

  6. Thanks Jackie. Great to have all these great posts on promotion. Learning every day!

    Proud member of eNovel Authors

  7. Mike Markel says:

    Very helpful information, Jackie. Thanks!

  8. Always a good idea, when dealing with Fiverr, Twitter advertisers, or other book promoters online, check the Amazon sales rankings of books they promoted last week. A title that averages one book/day for at least two weeks will rank right around #100,000 (+/- 20k). Rankings are fickle until they rise above #30,000, at which point there isn’t such drastic fluctuation over a 24 hour period.

    In any case, check those other titles out – if the webpage ad you would be paying $30 for has 10 other books featured, only the ones ranked up into mid-five digits are going to see that money back. If the other titles are the same genre, and their blurb is decent at all, your $30 is better spent elsewhere.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you for sharing that tip, Yancy. We go a step farther. We look at books on a promo site because some sites will curate books that are selling books off of Amazon and post on their pages as if the author/book is a client. It is not illegal to curate books and post them–but it give those authors a free ride on the site, while the rest of us must pay. Some promoters use curating to help build subscribers lists. We get it, we just don’t like it. Some of us track books in the FREE Kindle Nation Book tracker, too.
      Thanks again for commenting.
      I see we both have BRAG Medallion books. Congratulations.

  9. Really interesting article Jackie. I have run two free book promotions on Amazon and have found they result in further sales after the promo has ended. It is tricky to know which sites to pay for though.
    I have learnt that many people use a free promo to promote a sequel, which works well priced at £0.99 at the same time as the free book. Readers may try the new book if they have enjoyed the first one, but still might not want to pay a high price for an unknown author. It is a way to build a readership.
    I’m going to look at all of your other articles now. Thank you!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hello, Lizzie Chantree. Thank you so much for stopping in and commenting. You mention one of the most crucial decisions we indie authors face: where, when and with whom to promote our books. You are dead on that readers are reluctant to pay full price for an author new to them or as many of us are, unknown. Price pulsing works for us. Happy that your promotions were successful. I see you write children’s books. Love the covers.

  10. Implemented asking for the review advise at end of book!

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