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Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 26•17
Back Porch Cyber Chatter

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Welcome again to Back Porch Cyber Chatter. We are having an absolutely sensational spring-like day in my corner of Texas. I thought I would start the chatter by talking about some great books by some top tier authors soon to be arriving on our bookshelves. A few are already available for your reading pleasure.

First up is eNovel Authors at Work very own USA Today best selling indie author, Donna Fasano.  The Inheritance is available now on pre-order on all sales venues. This is book number 3 of a heart-tugging series you don’t want to miss. The writing is superb. Cathy Whitley and Brad Henderson will live in your heart long after THE END.

The Inheritance

NEW RELEASE. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

NEW RELEASE. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Just released by Mike Markel. Players, the 7th book in the Detective Seagate and Miner Series. I love the flawed and imperfect Detective Seagate. That woman holds her own against all comers. $2.99 but you can read it FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Here are a couple of reader comments:

“I’ve missed Karen! Just got Players today and had to read it immediately. I’ve been with Karen and Ryan from the first book and each book gets better. Five Stars!” avp … “This is the seventh book of the series and as I’ve reviewed each I’ve raved about the characters of Seagate and Miner as well as the story. Consider this another rave.” Big Al, the premier indie book reviewer.

Let me introduce you to eNovAaW Carolyn Steele. Holy smokes! The woman has been a paramedic, a baker, a

JUST RELEASED! Don't miss this wonderful satire.

JUST RELEASED! Don’t miss this wonderful satire.

caregiver, a semi-truck driver and she ‘homes’ bees in the UK  in season every year. Her understated humor is rife in every book and now she’s brought us Queenie’s Teapot, a political satire that will have you cheering for Queenie. I had the privilege of reading a proof and I am in love with Queenie. She reminds me of the feisty ghost in The House on Persimmon Road.



My long-time colleague, Elaine Raco Chase has put  her romantic comedy, Caught in a Trap on a 99c special January 25-29, 2017. It’s funny, spicy and wonderfully written.

We’ve giving a shout out to one of the top supporters of indie authors, Colleen Connally aka Jerri Hines. Her book, Seductive Secrets with more than 850 reviews is FREE for a limited time. If you miss the sale, you can read it any time FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

snip-seductive secrets


FREE Amazon Exclusive FREE

FREE Amazon Exclusive FREE

And here is my humble offer, No Perfect Fate. FREE January 25 – January 29, 2017.  A few comments by readers: “This story was intriguing, difficult to put down.” avp … “I loved all the crazy and endearing characters–I would enjoy meeting every one of them.” avp …  “Amazing writing and story. Pulls all the emotions of each character right into your hearts.”

For Fans and Readers. We would love for you to join us in the Book Tavern and Fiction Bar.  It’s all for fun. Meet other fans and authors from around the world. Bring your favorite recipes. We love ’em. Moderators always on hand. It’s the first place our authors post FREE and 99c books.


Snip catapillar

I usually post my avatar here, but I came across this creature. We don’t know what it is or where it lives. If you know, tell us!

@2017. I’m Jackie Weger. Thank you for stopping by Back Porch Cyber Chatter. Nice to see you. Comments always welcome. Be nice. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. That works for us.






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  1. Donna Fasano says:

    Jackie, thank you for featuring WILD HEARTS OF SUMMER: The Inheritance. This is book 3 of my Ocean City Boardwalk Series. It’s taken some time to get Cathy’s story ready to go, but I think readers will enjoy it! I hope so, anyway. 🙂

  2. Emily Kaplan says:

    I really want to know what that little thing is! It looks like an alien. It’s getting my sci-fi brain working.

  3. Mike Markel says:

    Thank you, Jackie, for featuring my book Players. Your positive comments about my protagonist, Karen Seagate, have been an important factor in attracting readers to the series. I’m starting to see a bunch of “listeners,” too, who are grabbing the audio version of the book. For this, and for all your efforts on behalf of indie writers, thank you so much!

  4. What a wonderful selection! Something for everyone. #reading Head in my kindle. Thank you, Jackie.

  5. Wow, thanks Jackie, honoured to be included. 🙂

  6. jhines340 says:

    Jackie, You’re awesome! Thanks for the mention of Seductive Secrets!

  7. Rosie Dean says:

    Great selection of books. It’s times like this, I wish I could read faster.

  8. Jackie – thanks so much for highlighting Caught in a Trap – great sales!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      You are so Welcome, Elaine Raco Chase. Your books are wonderful. How nice is it that we ‘senior citizens’ of the romance genre kept at it for 30+ years? By golly, we have ‘get’. For those of you who don’t know, Elaine and I started our careers back in the hey day of romance when our reputations were made in used book stores because our novels had a shelf life of between yogurt and ice cream. What a ride!

  9. Barbara Plum says:

    Elaine and Jackie, you give me hope that I can stick around for a while yet. Tx for the intro to Elaine. I just finished DANGEROUS PLACES and still fanning myself. Loved the Nick and Nora banter.

  10. Linda Lee says:

    A lovely post, Jackie, profiling some of our wonderful authors and their books. Looking forward to more “Back Porch Cyber Chatter.”

    Pinned & shared.

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