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A few helpful tips here.

Snipit pennies

Pennies add up to $$$. It’s Leap Year! Save all of your loose change in a jar in your kitchen for great good luck all year and beyond. Plus you won’t be broke on January 1, 2017.

If there is any single thing I have learned about indie authors over the past three years it is this: There ain’t no way to shut a complainer up beyond cutting out his or her tongue. A few of the longest running complaints:

“I can’t afford an editor. ”

“I don’t have the money to promote my book.”

“I can’t afford a cover artist.”

“Readers suck. They don’t write reviews.”

Mercy me. If you are adult enough and focused enough to write a book and publish it, you have enough sense to curb your spending habits and know how to budget. How dedicated you are to doing the best you can for your book will influence how serious you are or not about authorship.

If you really cannot spring for an editor, find a beta reader or two who is an avid reader in your genre. How? Pin a notice on your Facebook page asking for beta readers. Send out a Tweet: Need a beta reader. That is just to start. But know this: Somewhere along the bumpy road of indie authorship you are gonna have to put out some cold cash. Consider these few suggestions to save a few dollars week in and week out. I know they work because I’ve done it. Had to. There have been times in my past that I lived so close to the bone, I had to lean up against a broom handle to cast a shadow.

So what are some of the more costly items in your grocery cart? Laundry supplies. I luuuv those sweet smelling water softeners and dryer scents. I don’t buy them.  The cheapest water softener is kitchen salt.  A quarter cup in your washing machine before you add detergent is all you need. As for detergent, I stretch mine by stirring in a small box of plain old cooking baking soda. Saves $50 a month. No lie. Here is a fact: Those fabulous other water softeners coat terry cloth towels and make them less absorbent. When I’m flush, I buy Calgon. In a former life I was an industrial laundry manager. One pound of  Tide cleaned 250 pounds of linen. Two cups of Clorox bleach added for 250 pounds of dirty sheets and towels kept them white and germ free. Two ounces of Calgon in the rinse cycle. Curb that urge to add an extra dash to a 12 pound load of dirty clothes! You don’t need it. $50 in hand is two Amazon gift cards for a pair of beta readers.

Snipit Goddess Athena cover

Mystery, drama and romance with supernatural elements to delight lovers of Greek mythology. Read FREE w/Kindle Unlimited.

After a long day at my keyboard, I like a cup of fresh perked coffee and a sweet. One of my favs: A vanilla ice cream sandwich. Toast two slices of bread and spread a heaping scoop of ice cream between them. Cut in half same as you would a bologna sandwich. It’s not fancy, but it hits the cheap spot. Kids love ’em.

As far as marketing, every indie author needs a newsletter. You can use Mad Mimi  or Mail Chimp for free until you have 2000 subscribers. I like Mad Mimi. Sign up on this page for my infrequent newsletter and you can see how I put it together.

Is your book on sales for 99c? If so, engage in an Amazon ebook Giveaway. Total Cost: $1.29. Or give away 3 for $3.87. How’s that for a cheap promotion? Check the bottom of your book page for the link.

Use your Facebook page to encourage subscribers. For some fabulous tips and inexpensive promotional opportunities visit Effrosyni Moschoudi right HERE. Frossie is an ehow Wizard and markets her books on a shoestring, snags reviews and networks like a dervish.

To gather organic reviews add this gentle plea right after THE END  in your books. Don’t play around with it. It is soft, guilt-free and WORKS.

Thank you for taking the time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review. Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. Thank you, again. [author name].

                       And now for a commercial. Stay with me please.


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I’m not finished!

Count The Roses

COMING SOON. Go HERE to download a free SNEAK PEEK.

Okay, I’m done. @Jackie Weger 2016. Comments always welcome. Share your experiences and inexpensive promos or how you snagged a beta reader. Every little bit of info helps. Yes, you may complain…but just so you know~I might shoot the comment with my snake gun.

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  1. EM Kaplan says:

    Haha. Love that, “Okay, I’m done.” Good advice with down-home humor.

  2. Thanks for your boundless words of wisdom, Jackie!
    BTW, I love the colors and composition in your new book cover!

  3. Rosie Dean says:

    Great advice, as ever.

    I understand an editor may seem like a big expense, but I see it as investment both in improving my skill as a writer, and in my product. I also have a couple of beta readers who do a final sanity check on my book – they are great at spotting rogue typos and any continuity errors.

    Thanks for the laundry tips too – I didn’t know any of that stuff.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      If every indie author saw hiring an editor it your way, they would earn far more $$$ with their books. We cannot ask readers who download our books to beta read and catch dozens of mishaps. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Julie Frayn says:

    I just took part in a facebook hop that cost $5. I got about 40 new facebook followers, a few sales, and some happy fans out of that deal. There are bargains everywhere. You have to look for them.

    Two things I won’t NOT do (hm, double negative…), or I insist on doing, is professional editing and professional cover art. No compromising there. I won’t go without wine to pay for it – but I’ll get cheaper wine if need be. Now THAT is dedication to craft. 😀

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Julie! Notice I did not suggest any indie author give up a lovely and satisfying vice such as smoke and drink. No way. As soon as one has a few sales and KENP rolling along, even if a royalty of only $100 to reinvest…the author is on the path to success. As I recall, you earned your investment in two books back with a single Bookbub. Plus cash in hand to invest in Goody One Shoe. And fixed that dang fence that got blown over. And a case of good wine. you, my girl, are a success story. Sending you hugs.

  5. Good advice as usual!

  6. Laurie Boris says:

    See, I had this all planned out thirty years ago. I started dating an artist, because I said to myself, “I’m gonna self-publish my novels one day, and I’ll need a cover designer.” Hmm. That move might have ended up costing me more in the long run. 😉 Thanks for the tips, Jackie, and love your new cover.

  7. P.C. Zick says:

    Excellent tips. I spend a lot of time on Canva designing teasers for tweets – absolutely free. I submit to “free” sites for all my promos. Takes time, but doesn’t cost a thing. I do Mail Chimp and use all the free sites I can because I absolutely believe the money spent on cover art and editing are essential. Thanks, Jackie.

  8. Susan Tarr says:

    Just need vanilla ice cream and I am halfway there!
    Well done, Jackie. Thank you!

  9. Mary Smith says:

    Love the idea of the toasted ice cream sandwich. I’m going to try that.
    Delighted to know there is a new book coming soon 🙂

  10. Love the title. Love the cover. Great advice here as always!

  11. Dale Furse says:

    Yep, great tips as always. Thanks Jackie. And Julie, cheap wine is better than no wine. 😀

  12. Mimi Barbour says:

    I’ve now started warning people in my local writing group who haven’t published that there are two kinds of writers. Those who seriously want a career $$$ and those who just want a book on Amazon. Beautiful cover, Jackie

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Thank you, Mimi. It’s fine if an author isn’t serious about a career. That is author choice. But it is not effective use of my time
      to engage with folks such as you mention. I often hear, “Oh, I don’t write for money. I write for pleasure and myself.” My standard reply.
      “Go write a diary.” In forty years, I have never heard a successful author say, “I just write for pleasure.” Pffft.

  13. Jerri Hines says:

    As always, useful information! Love the cover!!!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hey! Jerri Hines. Whoa. All of your books are smokin’ hot these past few weeks. Congratulations!
      I love the cover of Count the Roses, too. The artist nailed it. We added her to our Useful Links pages.

  14. TJ Shortt says:

    What a beautiful cover for the new book!
    The saving info is very creative too.

  15. Lovely book cover! Pinned & shared your entertaining post. 🙂

  16. Great tips to save and oh Jackie! Thank you so much for this AWESOME shout out. So kind of you. I am gobsmacked by your new cover. Drooling. And good luck with your street team and FB group. I am in the process of designing mine but I’ll use Mailchimp to mail my street team. Most of my supporters interact with me straight in my private FB page so no point in creating a new FB corner for them. I’m currently designing merchandise for my books on Zazzle so I can create gifts for giveaways exclusively for my street team. Zazzle has t-shirts, baseballs caps, tote bags, bookmarks – you name it. Highly recommended. I’ll just gift a few goodies to friends and family and have them all walk around Corfu this summer – that should do the trick 😉

  17. I love reading your books, Jackie and your tips are valid for everyone.
    All the best for the upcoming release. 🙂

  18. CAROL WARNER says:

    Jackie….Just finished your “Almost Perfect” three volume collection on my Kindle White and could not go to bed last night until I finished. But, as much as I loved the stories, I REALLY LOVED your “A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR, JACKIE WEGER”.

    Man! I, myself, am in the Winter of my life and could I relate to so much of what you said….about marriage, kids, elderly parent care, sex, etc. I couldn’t stop laughing. Thanks for the belly laughs. At my age, every laugh counts.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hello, Carol Warner! Thank you for such lovely comments. Makes me feel wonderful. Every laugh counts! Girl, I hear you. I write romance because I love having a bit of romance in my life.
      You get it.

      Wishing you and yours the best of everything.
      If not the best, well as good as it can get.
      xoxoxo Jackie

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