Hoo Doo Halloween Giveaway. No Tricks. Just Treats

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 15•18

We’re Creeping it Real so you can Fall in love with these great books from Accent On Romance Authors. Many of the books are FREE or on Sale now, but all will be 99c or FREE October 15-21, 2018. Accent on Romance is giving a Shout Out to our Sponsor eBookBetty where you will find good books every day of the week. Download these wonderful books chosen for you, then scroll to the bottom to CLICK on the link to ENTER to our Giveaway filled with exceptional prizes for Busy Moms and Kids. All delivered right to your door from Amazon. Take me there!

FREE: Travel with Jennifer DeWitt into the depths of the Louisiana swamps where a brash, sexy Cajun is on the hunt for a wife. He’s man to the bone and wants it all. She just wants a job, yet finds herself consumed by an ancient culture with all of the grit, grace, and wit she can muster.  Count The Roses FREE on Amazon. On Nook. On iBooks. On Google Play. On Kobo.



FREE: Thrust into a role he never wanted, guardian to a girl he can never have, he will risk everything to save her from humans—and his family. The only thing he can’t save her from is herself. Creatus. FREE on Amazon.



99cWolf Shifter and Dark Knight Gideon Saint Valeri would never seek a woman who wields magic, yet he battles his inner beat to accept a witch as his fated mate. Wolf’s Pursuit. 99c




FREE When a government intelligence agency learns that high school senior Paul Bennett can walk the night in his dreams, they ask him to join their ranks. Paul is thrilled – at first – but the agency is under siege from within, and Paul soon finds himself the focal point in the battle for its control. Watchers of the Night. FREE



99c Can two lost souls come together to stop a madman and find love and peace with the help of a sarcastic angel, or will fate deal them a losing hand? The Guardian. 99c




99c FBI Agent Dylan Nash is working undercover as a game warden in Wisconsin, where he meets special education teacher Julie Thompson while searching for his father’s killer. When clues link Julie’s mother’s twenty-year-old disappearance to the man who killed his father, can Dylan keep Julie safe from a vicious predator? That Unexpected Kiss. 99c



New Release! 99c Madison Hart has been in love with Beau for most of her life. But when an accident on Beau’s Hollywood movie set sends him home a changed man, Maddie makes a sacrifice that pushes Beau even farther away. Is their love strong enough to survive years of hurt? At Long Last Love. New Release! 99c



99c 200 years on from losing her slipper and Cinderella is planning to divorce Charming. Snow White and Beauty have marital problems too. Add to the mix the Green Giant sent by the Red Party to stir up a revolution among the peasants – and the stage is set for disaster. Unhappily Ever After. 99c



99c Living in a small town, Spencer and Claire were bound to bump in to each other. Their first meeting didn’t go off too well but the chemistry seemed to sizzle and pop. As scarce as she was, he knew she had to renew her rental agreement sooner or later. He would have to bide his time and wait. He was hooked! Along Came Claire. 99c


Look at those gifts you can snag! A Chewbacca Mask. A 3D Glowing Death Star. Mommy socks. A Himalayan Salt Lamp. A Hamilton Beach sandwich maker. Yep and $$, too. Plus, surprise bonus swag from authors. How nice is that? Take me There!

JUST IN: Here’s a Bonus Giveaway happening now. All Chocolate and a Kindle Fire 7 Tablet. Add that to all of the wonderful books and Gifts from eBook Betty and Accent on Romance and you are MADE! Enter to win. Of course you’re lucky. Why not you? You’re awesome. 


@JackieWeger2018 That’s it. Wishing all a Happy, Fun and Safe Halloween. For those of you who have suffered through Hurricanes, Floods and Fires recently, we hope you are getting your lives back together and that your families are safe. I write Romance books because I want my readers to enjoy a bit of enchantment in their lives. Yet, sharing with you I am sick at heart for the devastation along the Florida Panhandle. My family lived there for fifty years. Some still do. All along HWY 98 the beaches and seafood huts have been our happy playground my entire life. Get Well Florida.

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  1. Looks wonderful, Jackie! Thank you so much for sharing all these goodies with your friends!

  2. So many ghoulishly great choices!

  3. Livia Quinn says:

    What an awesome party!!

  4. Alexa Dare says:

    Hauntingly good books!

  5. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Can’t wait to grab some of these howling successes! Awesome selection of books and prizes!

  6. clickclickmycat says:

    Happy Halloween! I’m in Charleston, SC, and this is the second major storm that we dodged a bullet. I feel so bad for the others, as I lost my first home to Hurricane Hugo. I was homeless for 10 days along with hundreds of others.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Oh, Jozy, thank you for sharing. I well remember Hugo. What’s amazing is recalling that storm is like yesterday and it was 29 years ago.
      One wonders what you miss most about the loss of your home. I’ve lost family heirlooms, albums and also easily replaced things to floods and theft. It’s hard to get past
      some of the losses. But! Every day in the kitchen, I miss my cookbooks and my recipe files. A small thing, really, but it brings the far past into the present. Best to you and yours.
      So glad you are safe. ~ Jackie Weger

  7. Awesome reads, thank you!

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