If Your Book isn’t Selling~You Need a Breakthrough. Start Here.

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 08•18

What’s the Breakthrough? Your Mindset…No lie…

Roasted Glasses. If you want a man who can cook–message me!

Good Wednesday Evening friends, fans and indie authors.  I woke today feeling really great and after all of the fiascoes last week, I  wanted to write something inspiring. Just so you know how I went from awful to great, last week I suffered through medical tests every dang day. I gave up so much blood I thought I was in a New Orleans vampire novel. Next, my Keeper roasted my glasses in the oven. Then he killed the microwave. I went looking for quotes to feel good about and found one by #NickFoles: Failing Forward.  Boy! Does that adage work for me.

I’m reading The BadRedHead Media 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge. Wow. So many clever things we can do as indies in this small tome–most of which I haven’t achieved. Count me as having Stupid printed on my forehead. Here’s a quote from Day thirteen challenge: Too many authors take zero responsibility with their own book marketing and that is why they fail.

I wish that wasn’t true, but I see it every day.  I coast through the pages and forums I enjoy and very often reach out to a struggling newbie, but recently I find myself backing away.  One reason is I don’t have the time to walk a newbie to success.  The next is I find the newbie hasn’t even completed the basics. No author Facebook page. A Personal page with 26 friends. A book cover. That’s it. Not even linked to a buy page.  A Twitter account with three followers. Three! No author page on Amazon. And in community forums by  writers who have yet to publish a book we are asked: How much money do you make?  Huh?

Well stupid me, I said it ain’t any of your business. Next an author who published a first book comes along and says I sold 20 books this month and have 1900 KENP and wants to know from other authors how many books they sold the first month and their stats. Giggle. Giggle.  I don’t like to answer questions like that because it’s a new author excited about her launch. I don’t want to put a damper on. I asked why do people want to know how much money we make? We don’t ask doctors, lawyers or our tax accountants. Gosh. I got reamed because OPs said:  The author didn’t ask about money, the author asked about stats.

Well darlings, stats ARE $$$. I can look at any book stats on Amazon or in Book Tracker back to the day a book was published and easily figure out that book’s cash flow or not.  If a serious author wants the skinny, go here to Author Earnings Reports.  Anyway, the reaming annoyed me, so I told ’em. My first book moved 92,278 books on free and when it went back to paid earned out $7K and I still have every penny tucked into my undie drawer in a bunch of those little white bank envelops.  Fat little things. No dieting needed. They remind me: Can do! So get it done. [I was saving up to run away from home to adventure, but got too old and my kids pulled my passport lest I die in some jungle hut and interrupt their lives. Or get lost on a sail in the Pacific Ocean, which happened once and some fool at the Boat club told on me.] Pffft. So now I have a Keeper 24/7 who can make oven toast and roast glasses. Anyway, nobody posted in the forum after that and the thread disappeared.

Count The Roses~Free with Kindle Unlimited

If you need to get your book stats up a little bit: Engage in an Amazon Giveaway. Find the tag at the foot of your book page. Yep! You have to scroll to the bottom. Read every single instruction Amazon provides, especially #9 of the Help sheet. That tip comes from eNovel member Ellie Campbell who runs those Giveaways to great success. Use Photofunia (free) to create a meme for your book and pin it to the top of your Twitter. I sometimes use this one in Tweets.  Go here to see a meme pinned to my Twitter. And yes, you may Tick that Retweet button. Much appreciated.

If you’re new at indie authorship, learn to do these little things for exposure.  I’m often asked where to promote: Here’s a list I’m using right now for a promo in March. eBookBetty. eBookHounds. BookCave. Book Runes. Fussy Librarian. Digital Book Today. ebook Discovery. BookdoggyContent Mo. Do the smart thing and sign up for author newsletters.  They come with discount promo codes. Love ’em.

@I’m Jackie Weger, Founder of eNovel Authors at Work~A Resource for Indie Authors.   We network. We sell books. We’re doing new and exciting things, such as coordinated newsletter sends. Our wonderful and talented authors are from all over the earth: New Zealand, Australia, Romania United Kingdom, Greece, Canada and the USA.

Here’s a tip: When composing a blog such as this, make it count! Live link mentions of books, authors, sites. Make your blog a living thing.


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  1. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    This gives me good reason to come to your house and riffle through your undie drawer. LOL Thank you for all the hot tips, Jackie! You’re amazing!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Only one person in my family knows what’s in my undie drawer. That’s because I used to just open the bottom drawer of my dresser and toss those envelopes in. But got sick and couldn’t bend over anymore to open that dang drawer. So I had to get a trusted person to move ’em within reach! It’s my can-do money. Reminds me that there are no experts in this indie business. My personal motto since the 80’s is sell what I write. And I have, every article, every book. Not boasting–just persevering through the stumbles until I get it done. Like you, I went to the School of Hard Knocks. But you came out nice than I am. Not to mention you were a great guide in the indie universe. Not forgetting that.

  2. Emily Kaplan says:

    New year, new sales tactics and momentum. Here we go!

  3. Lol! Utterly delightful. And you’d better move that money from the undie drawer now – you never know 😉

  4. Thanks for another great post. Inspiring as always Jackie ?

  5. Once upon a time (2015) I was a brand spanking new indie author. I had been published by small press before I venured into the great unknown. I decided to take my books and publish with someone new…ME 🙂 As a newbie one thing was pretty evident. I was beyond stupid. Is there something lower than stupid? I was there. Here’s a little secret Jackie (don’t think I told you). At the time I followed your advice before I even contacted you. I submitted to Bookbub because of your advice. Had I known how difficult it would be to be selected for the Almighty BB, I would have been sweating bullets. I wasn’t because repeat after me…I’m a clueless stupid newbie! 🙂 I got my first BB deal because of your advice. Every newbie has a choice. They can get advice for authors who have been there and done that or they can stumble in the dark and break their neck.

    You are a bloody goldmine (this is a good thing, forget the Bloody – that means great in AussieSpeak). Thanks Jackie!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Wow, Mary D. Brooks. Thank you for sharing, but you are beyond amazing in your own right. You write plays and books and have a major job in addition to writing some fabulous stories that resonate with readers around the world. I don’t mind Bloody. I love AussieSpeak!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Mary D. Brooks: I adore Australia. I once wanted to immigrate. I subscribed to Aussie newspapers for two years and I tape all of the reality shows on Australia and NZ. Love ’em. Wild country.

  6. All great advice. On one hand, I appreciate new authors’ enthusiasm. On the other hand, it gives me a bad case of, “was I really once so young and naive”? (naive being the nice way of describing the real word in my head):D

    • Jackie Weger says:

      You know what, Nick, it’s okay to be stupid and naive ONCE in our indie book world, but to be successful common sense has to prevail. I once had a book published in Greek. My Dad could read it because he was taught by Jesuits. I was awed. My Mother said: “What’s the big deal? Greeks read and write it every day.” That was like: Down, girl. What is sad is new indies are so ripe to be preyed upon. And most are not dummies. They’re smart in their careers, yet dismiss those smarts as soon as they write a book.

  7. So many nuggets of pure gold!

  8. Jackie, you are amazing! I envy your energy and admire your generosity to help other authors, at the cost of your own time – and nerves. I’m so lucky to have met you and the eNovAaW team, and hopefully all this great advice will fill my undie drawer with $$$ (it’s a big one, so I’d better get to work!).

    Love from Romania,
    Melinda De Ross <3

  9. Jenny Workman says:

    I was the poster of the question you got reamed for. Interestingly enough, I have done everything you suggest. The author page, the blog, countdown deals, amazing covers… But I use a pseudonym.
    Amazon hides so many statistics that would be easy to give us. I never did care how much money people were making. As a scientist I truly care about stats, because that’s how you can figure out the bones of self publishing.
    Just some clarification.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Jenny! Wonderful of you to step in and do the clarifications. I hear you! I saw where you wanted to collects stats, but a posting in that forum is not going to get you enough
      responses to even create a Excel sheet. On the other hand a poll on your Facebook page or a group you are in, might.

      Nice to meet you.

    • I love stats as well and you’re right – you need all the numbers to see what works and doesn’t work.

  10. Traci Hall says:

    Thanks again Jackie–I can’t believe I’m so late getting to this blog. I usually don’t read blog posts but yours I hate to miss. You give real advice with a perfect blend of humor. I very much value your advice–life has been kicking my butt these days and it is hard to get it all done.


  11. Rosie Dean says:

    Don’t know how I missed this post before. Great advice entertainingly written.
    I’d set up a giveaway – if only I could see the option on my product page!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Rosie: I think as Amazon moves into foreign lands, you may one day see that Giveaway link on your book page, but every country has rules Amazon and other internationals must abide by. It’s only the past few months that our print editions have moved into https://www.amazon.com.au/ and no giveaway button!

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