Lagniappe ~ A Little Something Extra

Written By: Jackie Weger - Oct• 07•17

Lagniappe: A little something given by good measure. A bonus.

We all need a little romance in our lives. Kissed by a camel works for me. But once is enough.

Oh, my goodness. Tragedies abound since September. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and two earthquakes in Mexico just flat out decimated parts of our American Continent. Add the awful event in Las Vegas, the raging fires in California and it just rips your heart out. We got a little hit by Harvey in my corner of Texas and are getting that put to rights. Now, along comes Nate and it is gonna snag a half dozen of my family. Just hoping they keep their roofs. I’m watching travel shows on TV showing many lovely beaches and islands I’ve visited–but most don’t exist now, and others along the Gulf Coast won’t once Nate rips through.

I’ll tell you what these events do:  They get into your psyche and stop creativity in its tracks. I don’t feel like writing or promoting. I’m not the only one. Even Lin-Manuel Miranda can’t get his head and heart around it, saying his “…every creative project is on hold until his Puerto Rico homeland and family is restored.” Many of my colleagues feel the same. We’re weary, prayed and donated out.  Yet, we know fans and readers are still buying books and listening to music. So. Reminding ourselves to be thankful, and putting a good face on it, we can still make a gentle pass at sharing our books and giveaways.  Here are a few from some of my colleagues and friends…

Bonus Lagniappe!  Whatever you do, don’t miss this sensational 30 book Sweet Romance Giveaway sponsored by authorsXP.com. These charming stories with lift your heart and give you hope. Some of the best romance writers in our indie universe are offering you their books FREE. 


Effrosyni Moschoudi, a wonderfully skilled storyteller, who lives in the Greek Islands and still has lovely beaches to walk upon brings you  The Ebb, a feel good, love story featuring the dual beaches of Corfu, Greece and Brighton Beach, UK. Not a time travel but the love stories of two women, Sofia Aspioti and Laura Mayfield collide in a most magical way.  FREE.  Also on B&N.

99c on pre-order 99c

My good friend, Carmen DeSousa has a new book, Love Like Crazy on pre-order for 99c.  Once live, it won’t be 99c. Snag it now. That’s not all! Carmen has a giveaway: a 10K White Gold Diamond Heart Necklace. Visit: www.CarmenDeSousaBooks.com to enter. Who doesn’t like diamonds? Carmen also offers a Southern Romantic suspense novel, She Belongs to Me. FREE.  I loved it. Great book.

Eighteen and in love, Jesse and Kayla now have everything they’ve ever wanted–until tragedy strikes. Now, thrust into a world of heartbreak and grief, others insist they are too young. But when you find the love of your life, no matter how young you are, no matter what happens, the only thing you can do is hold on and LOVE LIKE CRAZY.

Limited time 99c Special

Next! Go right HERE  to download a four book collection of Jerri Hine’s  Southern Legacy Historical novels. 99c. I’ve got mine and they are wonderful.  Jerri is also giving away a Kindle White eReader. Go HERE to enter. Open until the end of October.

Special 99c Special

For a little bit of adventure, lots of drama and witty dialogue by seven zany misfits lost in an icy wilderness, download The Reluctant Hero. 99c.  And Lastly: An Amazon giveaway of The Sheriff’s Woman. 26 copies up for grabs. Snag your copy before they’re all gone.

That’s it. Y’all take care. Hope you and yours are safe, snug, dry and fed. Wishing you all good things in life from @Jackie Weger, October 2017

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  1. Mary Smith says:

    A heartfelt post, Jackie. You just wonder what’s going to come after Nate and when is it all going to stop. I guess people just try their best to pick up the pieces and get on with their lives. Maybe it’s at times like these we all need some light relief and romance in our lives.

  2. Jackie, you break through all the tragedies currently decimating our lands. Well done. You’re an inspiration to many of us.

  3. I can feel your anguish just by reading the lines, Jackie. I am so sorry. My prayers are with you and yours, and everyone affected around the world. The news have become prime time for horror stories… it’s destroying everyone’s psyche. And this is a time when the world needs more dreamers, more thinkers, therefore more writers too. Find your muse, Jackie, and soothe the world some more. Thank you so much for including The Ebb in your post!

  4. jhines340 says:

    Thanks for the mention of Southern Legacy’s special. Won’t be this price for long! Have an awesome day!

    • jhines340 says:

      You are absolutely right about all the tragedies that have happened lately. It is heartbreaking, leaving us with a feeling of helplessness. Let us all be thankful…and for those not affected by the hurricanes or shooting, open up your heart and extend help to those that were. We are all in this world together. If it didn’t affect you this time, the odds are that it will in time.

      • Jackie Weger says:

        Jerri–you nailed it. I’m remember how you jumped in to help those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing April 2013. We don’t forget. But we somehow have to move forward. That means keeping love, laughter and hope in our everyday lives. Most of us don’t live “large” but we can manage love, laughter and hope to balance our sadness.

  5. It’s crazy what’s happening. Thank you for including some lovely books to take our minds off things.

  6. P. C. Zick says:

    You eloquently expressed how I’ve felt for weeks now. And it’s lovely you found a way to give back by giving readers and authors a little boost. Thank you.

  7. ajlape672014 says:

    Thanks for the words, Jackie, and for giving back <3

  8. Nancy Luebke says:

    Thanks for your words. Remember at times like this, every little thing you do, matters.

  9. Melanie (Lintz) Cravens says:

    I have friends and family in Texas, Florida, Las Vegas, and California. They were all very lucky to come through all the chaos with no damage to homes, property, and persons. My heart aches for those not so lucky.

    Sorry to have lost touch with you many years ago. Mom enjoyed your first few books so much. When she passed, I grabbed her autographed copied to add to my own. My boys heard many times as they were growing up about Duke’s little white puppy tail sticking out of the Sunday funnies.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Well, Golly, Melanie: It is so wonderful to hear from you lo all these many years of absence. I miss your Mom a lot. We had some fun times sitting in a plowed up cotton field in a pair of beach chairs and just enjoying the quiet before we got around to putting a house on it. I know you are or were a military wife and moved around the globe. Are you retired now?
      Again, so great to hear from you. Love staying in touch. Best, Jackie

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