New for 2014: Back Porch Cyber Chatter

Written By: Jackie Weger - Jan• 01•14
Jackie Weger

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In the not so distant past we writers would convene at local association meetings, at libraries or book stores, small and large conferences. We chatted among ourselvessome of us clicked, some didn’t, because when you meet face to face, you sense goodness or integrity, spot sarcasm, see frowns or smiles. You know at once if you are welcomed or snubbed.

If you found a like-minded writer, you exchanged addresses and phone numbers. Perhaps you met for coffee or lunch, talked writing, editors, covers, book plots. Perhaps you carpooled to nearby writers’ meetings and arranged to room together at conferences in distant cities. You invited one another into your homes. You knew who you were talking to.

In today’s virtual universe, you don’t. We meet on blogs, webpages, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google Plus. It is not the same as meeting face-to-face over a cup of coffee or car-pooling for a couple hours. For many of us indie authors, our entire world is our keyboard from whence spew interviews, promotions and social networking.

Back Porch Cyber Chatter

Welcome to the cyberporch

Via the Internet we hire beta readers, editors, cover artists, webpage designers, promoters and send them Paypal $$$ whether we’re happy with results or not. We become virtual acquaintances with other authors we may never meet.

In a series of Back Porch Cyber Chatter I thought I would introduce you to a few folks who I have found to be real people beyond the façade of a webpage or blog. Each has talent, integrity, skills and knowledge. I like them, I admire them, they pay it forward and if they lived in my community, I’d invite them to lunch or a backyard bar-b-cue. I think you would, too.

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