Setting Up House & Mother’s Day

Written By: Jackie Weger - May• 04•15
Jackie on the banks of the Fowl River, Alabama

Jackie on the banks of the Fowl River, Alabama

 New Release…on Sale… and a few other tidbits to share….


Good evening readers and fans. I am so sorry I have been neglecting you. Indie authorship is a steep learning curve and I’m still finding my way.  I do want to share some news.  I have created my first boxed set with my three most popular novels to date. Erin Dameron-Hill designed a sensational cover. Monday, May 04, 2015 is the official launch of Setting Up House,  priced at  99¢ through Mother’s Day, May 10.

Speaking of Mothers I have held that title for more than 55+ years and I still cannot get it right. Raising tomatoes and squash

...99¢... May 4- 10... 99¢...

…99¢… May 4- 10… 99¢…

is so much easier. You prepare the garden plot, plant the veggies, harvest all Summer, put the garden to bed in the Fall and you are done. No diapers to change, no teenaged histrionics and no sitting up half the night wondering if the family car is in a ditch somewhere. Holy Smokes, you get those creatures raised, educated and out of the house, married with kids of their own, and they still nitpick at you for some perceived injustice when they twelve years old. I don’t know about you, but I was sleep-deprived until I was forty years old. And next thing, they started moving back home. Huh? Now, all are doing just fine…but get this: They are rewriting their history… Every single one pretending they wore haloes. To hear them talk the dang things were made out of platinum because they were soooo well-behaved.

Here is what I am doing on Mother’s Day…

I am getting up at the crack dawn and heading out to a tiny fish camp called Indianola. Indianola was once a thriving Texas community, but a hurricane swept the entire village into the bay. All that is left is a few stilt houses and the fish camp. I don’t fish. I sit on the covered pier in the shade, soak up the the fresh air and read–and by dusk and the moon rising, all is right with my world.

Finding Home ACX cover

FREE w/30 Day FREE ACX Trial Subscription

I must be hung up on motherhood and trying to get it right because most of my books have protagonists who are mothers having to cope with a crises, wishing to be a mother, and haven’t a clue what they are getting into.  By-the-by, Phoebe Hawley of Finding Home fame is now in an audiobook. As well as is Anna Nesmith in No Perfect Secret. ACX, a division of Amazon has distributed it across all venues. Do you subscribe to Choosy Bookworm? If not do, so you won’t miss this offer: A few of us in eNovel Authors at Work are handing out our audible books free in a Listen and Review program June 30th via Choosy. You can also download Audible books for FREE with a one month FREE subscription to ACX. Pretty much ala a subscription service which gives you an inventory of 150,000 audio books.

Last thing. No Perfect Destiny is in a boxed set with eleven other authors. All best selling authors, except me.  I dragged up the rear.  Multi-author boxed sets have a shelf life, and Hearts & Kisses wraps on May 30th.  The set is priced at 99¢, so you might want to get your copy before it fades into cyberspace.  As usual, all of my books are enrolled in Amazon KDP, which means you can borrow and read for free.

No Perfect Secret Audible cover

FREE w/30 Day ACX Trial Subscription

The dryer is beeping. I have to go fold clothes. I despise dryers. If you don’t get to the clothes while they are warm, you end up with a mass of wrinkles and laboring over an ironing board.  I love clothes lines. Hang out a wet wash, air-dry, fold as you take them off the line at your own convenience. Wonderful. Now, I’m told having a clothesline in the backyard of nice area is tacky. Who are these people?


99¢ Hearts & Kisses 99¢

99¢ Hearts & Kisses 99¢ Until May 30, 2015


Y’all take care. Have nice week. Hope the weather holds. We’re having sunny days and cool nights. Just perfect. Shoot! I spoke too soon. Some fool just ran over my mailbox. I guess I can recycle the thing into planter for petunias. Second time this year. Golly, some days just show up with no luck and bad luck. But hey! No mailbox, no bills. Works for me.

Visit my Facebook page. I’m usually mentioning some nice books on FREE or Sale. Fill up your Kindle for for beach reads.  Until next time….


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  1. Jackie Weger says:

    Good Morning! So happy to see all of you on this lovely Monday morning.

  2. Jo HIll says:

    You’re so funny, Jackie.
    Off to get your boxed set right now!! Take care.

  3. Mary Smith says:

    Loved your post. And clothes lines are so NOT tacky! I don’t have a dryer. If the weather is fine (which it mostly isn’t in Scotland)I hang washing on the line in the garden. If it’s raining they get hung on a pulley in the kitchen where they dry very nicely and it is okay unless I forget clothes are up there when I cook fish. Not so nice.
    Love the cover of your box set.
    Mary Smith

  4. Dale Furse says:

    I love the look of the boxed set, Jackie, and I’d buy it in a blink if I didn’t already have all the books on my tablet. 😀

    Dale Furse

  5. Susan Tarr says:

    This is a glorious set, Jackie. Stunning. If the other two books are anything like The House on Persimmon Road, I will thoroughly enjoy them.
    We used to have a forked stick of wood to hold our clothes line up. Every now and then, it would break or slip and the washing would end up in the mud. Back to the copper for another boil up!

  6. Jackie Weger says:

    I like to share the results of my promotions. Sharing helps all of us to get a handle on what kinds of promotions get our books in front of readers. So here are the results of the KCD on Setting up House: I snagged a Bookbub slot. Total units sold: 3015 at 99¢. Far better than a previous KCD in which I saw 1074 units sold. Amazon tagged Setting Up House a Best seller for a nanosecond. Well… glory is fleeting. But! Here it is ten days after the Bookbub hit and Setting Up House has this: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #2,258 Paid in Kindle Store. Amazon readers are borrowing 19 to 27 units a day since the set returned to full price is keeping it there. I am very happy with this KCD campaign. The Bookbub slot was $660 + I bgt other promo slots. I’m looking at a ROI of above $1000 on the KCD and the KU borrows are lagniappe ~ a little something extra. Books of any stripe go nowhere unless the reader/book buyer engages. I am so happy with reader engagement for Setting Up House. Thank you so much to romance fans and readers who made this promotion a success. Now I can buy cat treats, dog treats, pay for my wireless and get my nails done! Woot!
    Jackie Weger

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