Spring into Book Talk for Kite Season

Written By: Jackie Weger - Mar• 23•19

March Winds are blowing away bringing longer days and shorter nights ~ So What’re you reading?

I don’t know about you, but as Spring arrives, I want to garden, I want to sit in the sunshine and people watch.  I want to get on a beach and watch kids fly kites. Reading is a part of my life, but on lovely days I want books that amuse me, make me feel good or make me laugh. I want books that are filled with drama, even sorrow, yet enthrall and allow me to slip in a bookmark so I can bird watch for a few minutes, talk to neighbors and catch up with what I missed when winter chill kept us all indoors.  So, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith is a must read for all ages. Mma Ramostswe decides to open the only Ladies’ Detective agency in Botswana where people proudly shouted Pula! Pula! Rain! Rain! upon freedom from the British. She loves her bush tea, is cannily observant of her clients, is often annoyed with her secretary but always solves whatever problem comes her way with good thoughts and common sense.  The entire series is charming, funny and a pleasure to read over and over again. I love my Kindle, but I own all print editions of this series.  Kindle edition. CD.

This next recommendation is a memoir. I came to it after I visited Boston, traipsed through Faneuil Hall, walked the Boston Common, visited the water front and shopped in Feline’s Basement. Story there, but I ain’t telling it here. My cousin, Milt, played for the Red Sox back in the day. There was everything about settlers and The Revolution. Nothing about the Irish. I picked up All Souls, a family Story from Southie by Michael Patrick MacDonald. The Old Colony projects in South Boston was an area we did not visit. I was raised Catholic in the South and I related so to this story. There are no sweet Southern manners in this memoir which makes it utterly powerful. So true it hurts my teeth. Print Edition on Amazon.

Since we’re in Massachusetts, let’s skip over to Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off Cape Cod for a true tale of the Whaleship Essex, In The Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick. This epic tale was the inspiration for Melville’s Moby Dick. I love romantic sea adventures, but this book is not that. It’s a saga of survival, adventure and the true tale of an enraged sperm whale sinking a ship. I get it that whales are magnificent creatures. But I’m scared of them. One, they’re bigger than I am. Two, I once found myself sailing through a pod in the Pacific and even the baby whales were longer than the sloop. One flick of a tail or a bump by a protective mother whale could send the wooden boat to the bottom. I’ve read In The Heart of the Sea twice, both times when I was solidly on land. Best gift for Father’s Day or birthday for the guy in your life.

Now to one of my favorites. George Carlin’s When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops. You’ll get a hint of what you’re in for when you read this on one of the frontice pages: Major funding for this book was made possible by deliberately starving a family of four in Tennessee. Carlin is wholly irreverent. Open this book to any page and you’ll be nodding your head, “Yes,” and laughing. He reminds you there’s a few things you can’t do by yourself, one of which is practice shaking hands. Even if you don’t want to buy the book, the next time you’re in a bookstore, turn to page 229. This from a country that will fine you $1000 for spitting on the ground. Print edition on Amazon. Note: George died in 2008, but his stand up routines are available. Great gifts for the men in your life for any occasion. Especially if you’re annoyed with your man because George tells it true.

Okay. I took a break to watch Highway thru Hell, a reality show on The Weather Channel. The show makes you wonder how some of those long haul truckers get driver’s licenses. The only thing I don’t like about the show is the commercials. Some guy shows up in a couple’s bedroom, hinting at porno movies they can watch on Dish. Side note: Are these ads created by Madison Avenue? And then there’s one in which a guy and dog pop up in woman’s motel room. Duh. What do you suppose? Mace the dog and shoot the stupid man? Safety rules. That dog is supposed to make it okay that a strange man is in your motel room? I don’t think so. Get this: I’m NEVER staying in that motel/hotel chain. Free breakfast? Forget it. I’ll buy my own at the nearest Waffle House.

Moving on to lighter fare. What! You thought I wasn’t going to talk about my own books? Get real. First I have an Amazon Giveaway happening now. Go here to try your luck. No follows, no likes: Just give it a tick: https://amzn.to/2HCAoYe. These things only last 7 days now. So hop on it.

Almost Perfect, a three volume collection is FREE to download on all global Amazon venues. It’s wholly FREE until April 30th. After that date- Nope. Last chance to get it FREE. Not putting it FREE ever again. Because I’m moving the units to all sales venues i.e. Nook. Google Play. Kobo. Apple iBooks.

All Tomorrow Memories is only 99c on all Amazon venues until April 30th, 2019. After that price jumps to $5.99. Also now’s your chance to pick it up on Nook. Apple iBooks. Google Play and Kobo.

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  1. Linda Lee says:

    Fascinating blog post, Jackie. Don’t know how you find all these unusual books. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wonderful book choices, Jackie. I didn’t know flying kites was a thing in the spring in your country, thanks. Here in Greece we have a custom of flying kites on Lent Monday 🙂 It’s the only time of year anyone does it here!

  3. What a lovely spring bouquet of reads! Thanks for the suggestions, Jackie. 🙂

  4. Jackie,

    Tx for the reminder re G. Carlin. I’m going to see if I don’t still have WHEN WILL JESUS SERVE THE P/CHOPS. Re your offers of your books, I jumped over to Amazon. I’m not eligible for the giveaway of RELUCTANT b/c I already own it, read it, and reviewed it. Re PERFECT, the Amazon price listed is 99c–which I jumped on b/c that’s almost as good as FREE.

  5. I’ve read a couple of these, and it’s interesting to learn of others on your bookshelf.
    I too am trying to empty shelves of paper books – If I want to reread, I’d rather buy an e-copy copy. But I know a lot of people still prefer print – that’s fine with me!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Bronwyn: I own four working and one as yet unregistered eReaders, but I still adore having a print edition in my hands. They’re great for beach where sand and water can ruin an ereader. Plus, they never have to be charged. Those of my positives. YMMV.

  6. jerrihines340 says:

    I miss George Carlin and his sense of humor…I have to find that book! Thanks for mentioning it! Also…for those that have gotten Almost Perfect books…a must!

  7. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    I am so looking forward to warmer weather… I long for sunshine, flower planting, kite flying, and reading on the beach under a huge umbrella!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hey, Donna. I’m with you except for the umbrella. We’ve had such a dreary winter and Spring, i want to soak up the sunshine. I’ve got some seeds to plant. Just need to make a run to Walmart of some good soil.

  8. You gotta love kites. And Carlin. Thank you for the great selection, Jackie 🙂

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