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Written By: Jackie Weger - Mar• 13•19

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But first let’s talk about books I’ve enjoyed or are high on my TBR list. One of my favorite reads is Tourist Season by Carl Hiaasen.  You have to be in a mood to read Hiaasen. Born and raised in Florida, Hiaasen writes a regular column for The Miami Herald–which usually annoys every single person who reads the thing. Yet, once addicted, you’ve stepped in it. He writes funny, zany, sardonic mysteries and thrillers. When you’re wholly disgusted with your life or the world around you, pick up a Carl Hiaasen book. It will put your attitude right again. His books are like Saturday Night Live on steroids.  On Amazon. Print edition. 

Another Florida writer, Tina Wainscott packs suspense and romantic mystery in I’ll Be Watching You. Wainscott puts us in the sleepy, steamy secrets of Cypress, Florida. Swamp country.  Kim testified against her stepfather in the murder of a local girl. When he was acquitted, she had to leave the town she loved. Her grandmother’s death brings Kim back to the small Everglades town to reclaim her place. But, she’s spied on by a killer who wants her gone.  What I like about this story is the love interest does not get in the way of the riveting mystery. On Amazon.

Next, here’s the paranormal that introduced me to a new world of vampires, Creatus, by Carmen DeSousa. The author bring to life creatures that don’t sparkle or hide in the shade, but for four thousand years, they’ve concealed their existence. Now, one creatus will endanger them all by falling in love—with a human. A romantic mystery based on the myths you’ve heard your entire life. Derrick Ashton knows his future and what position he’s destined to fill within his unique society. When he breaks one of his family’s strictest laws and falls in love with a human he must risk everything to save the woman he loves and can never have, from both humans and his own kind. On Amazon. Print edition. Audible.

For you during the special: A collection of four books, Southern Legacy by Jerri Hines. Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon–Southern Legacy is an absorbing, tantalizing saga of life during one of our country’s most turbulent times. I’m a historian by education and a skeptic at heart, and I loved this saga. I didn’t find a fact or a scene that didn’t tell it true~whether history, character emotion or dialogue. There’s a side effect to this saga. You’ll feel the pull to visit battle fields and places Like Kennesaw Mountain, and the bay front of Savannah, Georgia. You’ll want to visit Charleston, Washington and Philadelphia and Underground Atlanta where you can still get of whiff of burnt timbers when it’s damp.  On Amazon. Print edition.

Are you ready for a Rip Roaring Western Romance by S.R. Mallery? The Dolan Girls show their stuff in 1800’s Old Nebraska, where whorehouse madams, ladies of the night [soiled doves], a schoolmarm, a Pinkerton detective, a Shakespeare-quoting old coot, brutal outlaws, and a horse-wrangler come to life. Added to the mix are adult themes and a colorful land rush, Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley, bank/train robberies, small town local politics, and of course––Romance. Historical characters roll across the pages like tumbleweed. Let me tell you about tumbleweed. It’s not gentle. It’s rough and can stop a car or a cow when waves of it roll across the prairies. You will discover no matter how rough the country, the story of Cora Dolan and Thomas Garett will stay with you as a beacon of love and devotion. Pioneer spirit prevails. On Amazon. Print edition. Audible.

For a change of pace, dip into this paranormal comedy trilogy, The Weird Magic by Barbara Plum.  Binge on snark and magic between two of the most unlikely lovers ever to fall into lust and love. Dark spells, family disapproval, and The High Tribunal’s outdated dictates conspire against star-crossed lovers from worlds apart. Obstacles at every turn blocks Thea Gale, carrier of witch-killing DNA and Magnus Rogon, Uncrowned Warlock-King. They persist in laughing at danger and believing the truest magic is love. On Amazon.

New Release. The final offer among our array of books is a sweet, small town romance, All Tomorrow’s Memories. Willa adopted the baby of a Jane Doe. Five years on the parents of the dead girl want to meet their only granddaughter. Because she’s discovered that her own health is in jeopardy, Willa agrees to meet the older couple. Though suspicious of the grandparent’s agenda, Willa takes a risky leap of faith, sells all she owns and moves cross-country in hopes of securing her daughter’s future.  The instant she meets the lawyer who brought them all together, Willa fears her risky leap of faith was more a leap of stupidity. She doesn’t trust the lawyer’s motives. He doesn’t trust hers.  On Amazon. Also on all sales venuesPrint edition.

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  1. Love your review of Hiaason, you’ve made me curious!

  2. Robyn M Ryan says:

    More books for every taste—and I’m getting all of them! It’s been awhile since I’ve read a Western, I think I’ll start there. Thanks for providing these suggestions. Now I need to escape to he beach and just READ!

    ~ Robyn

  3. JP McLean says:

    That’s a perfect description of a Hiaasen book. I remember feeling like that after reading his “Skinny Dip” many years ago.

  4. Barbara Plum says:

    And for readers who don’t find Hiaasen to their taste, here’s a list for every taste. (BTW, I prefer Elmore Leonard to Hiaasen–even though I’ve lived in Florida and met a few people who must’ve been models for some of his characters).

  5. Tina Wainscott says:

    I love hearing other reader’s suggestions! I’m reading Marty Ambrose’s Claire’s Secret, featuring Lord Byron and Mary Shelly–a new take on an interesting historical friendship circle.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Oh, I’ve always been a fan of Mary Shelly. Bryon died in Missolonghi, Greece. That location sounds so magical.
      One wonders how his satire would read about morals and life styles in our contemporary universe.

  6. srmallery says:

    Thanks so much for including my THE DOLAN GIRLS, Jackie!! xo

  7. What a great list and just in time to load up with 10 days worth of reading on my impending beach holiday! Thanks Jackie !

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