Three things I need in life! What about you?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Mar• 23•18

This is not my hut, but it is typical of the village I lived in. Mine did not have walls of bamboo. I had a separate sleeping recama. Very tiny. I was not the only inhabitant: Geckos, lizards, tarantulas and fruit bats lived with me.

Three things I Need in Life….

This is upfront and real. All I need in life is a cup of hot coffee,  a book to read and a good dog. I know this is so because I lived for years in a jungle hut–no walls, and what I had were those three things for contentment. Didn’t have a car, electricity, Internet, mail service, telephone, or television.

Now I live stateside and I need all things modern to make my life go. And here’s an oddity. With all of these lovely creature comforts, I seem to stay on the edge of anger day and night.  My good dog died, but I have another. A rescue. He’s a sweetheart, but it’s not the same as a companion dog I raised from a pup.

I restarted my writing career by going indie. I’ve met some wonderful authors. I formed eNovel Authors at Work and found a family.  Not only are the authors fine writers, they are great people of integrity.

Cooking with wood on my native stove. A wooden box on legs filled with river sand and collected flat rocks to serve as back burners. Banana leaves served as plastic wrap. Kept food fresh for days. Beautiful poison frogs lived in the damp beneath those wooden slats. by-the by- my rent was $20 American a month.

Sadly, in our industry there are those who are not honest. I’m not naming them. they know who they are and we do our darnedest to stay out of their orbit. One author copied one of my blogs in it’s entirely and offered it to a site, which published it. That author is now an administrator of the site.  Another author ripped me and others off for above $600 for a promo that never saw the light of day.  Right this minute I have an offer from an author that for a huge fee will submit all of my print editions to every library in the English speaking universe. Huh? Cannot happen because my books are indie and libraries seldom welcome them. I know because I’ve sent dozens gift books. Out of hundreds, one small library in Texas, said Thank you.

This week one of eNovel members brought to my attention several non-member authors using our coveted and register hashtag #eNovAaW. That hashtag only goes on member books that have been vetted and professionally produced. After some research I found the authors in a forum and called them out. I was booted as being ‘too controversial’. Theft is controversial? Since when?

I learned something. When one speaks up, others say that’s bullying. Gotta tell you. If somebody comes on my porch and steals my table or my potted plants, I’m gonna shoot ’em. If some fool sticks their hand in my purse in the grocery store, I’m gonna whack ’em hard with my cane. Plus yell, THIEF! During holidays we have parking lot scammers. They come up to you with a wallet stuffed with money and run their scam. I say: Hold on. Let me take your picture with my iPhone. Mostly I just get pics of their backsides because they’re high-tailing it out of the lot.

When I was living in my tiny jungle village and came across a viper in my recama, usually a fer-de-lance, I dispatched that snake with a machete. If it was just shedding it’s skin on a concrete block under my waterless sink, I left it alone and it went on its way. Scorpions lived in my thatch. As long as they minded their business, I minded mine. Yet if they lingered in my outdoor toilet just waiting to take a nip of my tenderest parts, they had to go. But I honestly do not know what to do about the vipers in our indie universe.

I left every group and forum I was a member of–many of which I enjoyed.  But I don’t want to put myself in the path of a viper. It only takes one to ruin the lot and spread the poison. Too, I don’t need to be in groups and forums to market my books. I know ehow to get that done. The positive side is that now I have more time to write and consider more ways to market books because I absolutely adore indie authorship. Not to mention we finally have some great garden weather in my corner of Texas.  Squash, cucumbers and tomatoes planted.

With granddaughter, Courtney and newest member of our family, a cat she rescued from a flooded overpass.

Y’all have a good one. Make life great.  Comments Welcome. If you can’t be nice, be articulate. If you need tips on how to best master Amazon or book marketing, do check out eNovel Authors at Work blogs.

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  1. Alexa Dare says:

    So happy to be part of such a positive, supportive group as eNovel! Thanks for all you do and continue to share!

  2. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Jackie, I’m sorry you’ve encountered these people. The anonymity of the Internet emboldens people who’d never have the “fortitude” to talk face-to-face. What these trolls don’t realize is that you generously share your wisdom, through this blog, your website and indie writers’ groups. As a friend says, shake the dust off your boots and keep walking—or in this case KEEP WRITING! #NoViperZone

    ~ Robyn

  3. susan3607 says:

    You’ve had quite the life, Jackie. Like Alexa, I’m honored and happy to be part of this amazing group of writers you put together.

  4. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    Love the post, Jackie. I love how you keep it real.

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Speaking of real. I need to add toilet paper to my list. When I ran out I had to boil banana leaves. I mean, they worked, stayed moist, but when one is in hurry…plus the thumb-nail sized poison frogs loved to hide in them. Darling creature but also deadly.

  5. For the most part, indie authors are helpful and inspiring. But, yes, every now and then poison creeps in through the crevices. Honest and hard working authors will come through in the end. Happy planting Jackie!

  6. Traci Hall says:

    I love your stories Jackie! Thank you so much for being YOU

  7. laurieboris says:

    Go get ’em, Jackie!

  8. dalefurse says:

    I love hearing about your time in the jungle. Thanks. 🙂

  9. As usual – articulate, thoughtful, yet with a lighter touch to make it palatable. Nice one, Jackie.

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