Well Phooey! February 2019 Sneaked in While I was Looking the Other Way.

Written By: Jackie Weger - Feb• 02•19

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February 2019 Sneaked in While I was Looking the Other Way.

Boo-ya. I’m still trying to work out what happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2018. I know I missed Christmas and New Year’s because I was sicker than a salted slug, melting all over the place. January wasn’t much better. Think: Hospital, nurses, a raft of doctors and a physical therapist. Then there’s the storm troopers in my family and my darling Keeper who insist I follow all instructions. Huh? Those things are piled up thicker than any book I’ve ever written. I put ’em in my TBR pile. Bottom of it.

I want my life back. I have to start it in February. Finally, I’m allowed at my desk and discover all of my sticky notes, my To-Do lists, my project notes  are G.O.N.E. Some kind person has cleaned off my desk where my writing life lives. The only piece of paper I find is under my mouse pad. It’s from a Fortune Cookie. It says: “Any day above ground is a good day.” Got it.

So here are a few above ground good things. I have a new book ready to proof and publish. All Tomorrow’s Memories. Mini book description:

Suspicions abound when Willa Manning receives a request from her adopted daughter’s biological grandparents. Wary of deceit, Willa nevertheless accepts the invitation and pulls out all stops to give her daughter a family before her own health fails. 


Cover by Erin Dameron-Hill. Beautifully done.

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@2019 I’m Jackie Weger. Shown here with my granddaughter, Courtney, who takes me on play dates. Thanks for visiting. Comments Welcome. Would love to hear from you.  We’ve kept our fans and friends in our thoughts over the past year or so because of so many natural disasters from floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes. Now the Northeast is frozen. We hope you and your’s are dry and snug.

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  1. I laughed when I read the part about putting your instructions on the bottom of your TBR list 🙂
    I know it’s frustrating, but you have to take care of YOU! The rest will fall into place, have faith {{hugs}}

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Hah! I have nerve pills now. I swallow a half and this old gal is a happy camper. Here’s real frustration: My jungle life: Teaching my companion dog to alert on the cackle of a feral chicken who laid her eggs in a tree stump so I could grab the egg before my resident 10′ boa constrictor. Then the damned thing ate the chicken. Stupid snake.

  2. Emily Kaplan says:

    I hope 2019 is a very good year for you!

  3. Linda Lee says:

    May good health and much success bless the rest of this year for you, Jackie. You can accomplish more in one month than most of us can in one year! 🙂

  4. Robyn M Ryan says:

    Jackie, things can only get better, right? Maybe booby-trap your desk so nobody “cleans” it off again. Or stick a security cam on it! Your humor through really rough situations is inspiring~Is your granddaughter your “partner in breaking rules”? Looking forward to All Tomorrow’s Memories.

    ~ Robyn

  5. Stay healthy for the rest of the year!

  6. Donna Fasano (@DonnaFaz) says:

    Your new book sounds wonderful!

  7. I’d love to see you “pretending to be a nice old lady” (at your g’daughter’s command. So good to hear you’re back … and probably on the hunt for that boa. I’ve already written elsewhere, I love BOTH these books.

  8. Hope you get your groove back, Jackie.

  9. Thanks for the deals, Jackie! Sharing. And let Courtney take care of you. You two look great together!

  10. Lovely picture of you and your granddaughter, Jackie. I am so glad you’re on the mend. Hope that by the time your new book’s out, all this awful adventure will have been forgotten. Can’t wait to read it, by the way. It sounds amazing x

  11. Mimi Barbour says:

    Any day above ground… love that message. It’s true. I know from recent events in my own life. I’m glad you have lots more time, Jackie. But take care of yourself. xo

  12. Glad you are feeling better. Love the picture with your granddaughter and your fortune cookie advice. Hope your February is fantastic.

  13. Mia Fox says:

    Congratulations on All Tomorrow’s Memories and may 2019 leave you healthy and happy.

  14. February sneaked in while…
    Yeah, Februarys do that, I’ve found. As well as Marches, Aprils, Mays and all the rest. Gee, one day, perhaps, we’ll find ourselves all ‘catched-up’. But then no doubt it will start all over again.
    So, just go with it, I’d say.
    Meanwhile, I’ll get back to my catch-up list before it grows any longer.

  15. Oh my, I don’t know what I’d do if someone ran off with my To-Do lists, much less the rest of the papers on my desk! =:0 I feel the same way about how time has flown-February 2019–whaaaa?

    Best of luck with the book!!!

  16. srmallery says:

    I just hope all goes well for you in 2019. Your health is number one, your sales and book stuff a close second. Thanks for all that you do for us, Jackie! <3

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