What the heck is ThunderClap?

Written By: Jackie Weger - Sep• 15•14

New promotional sites and new ways to promote our indie books are popping up all the time. Some are money sucks and some are sensational.

I first heard of ThunderClap when a colleague told me she’d be out-of-pocket for a couple of weeks because she was making a video for a ThunderClap project. Okay–what is ThunderClap? She sent me a link and I explored the site. It is crowdfunding. People make appeals to strangers for $$$ for projects–some worthy, like charities for orphans, pleas for funds to finish an education or make a movie or asking for $$$ to produce a play or a musical.  I spent about ten minutes on the site and moved on. I don’t need to ask strangers for money. Hey! I am a GrandMaster at guilt maneuvering and when I run a little short I hit on my kids, fill up my wallet and go my merry way–usually to Bingo.  Although! If I ever decide to put up a page on Match.com or Harmony.com,  I’d consider crowdfunding for Botox–not to mention other bodyparts that need uplifting.

2.99 or Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

2.99 or Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited

I have a new book ready to release and decided to make a splash and hired Book Partners in Crime to promote a single day Release Blitz.  Next thing I know the BPiC  team have uploaded No Perfect Secret as a ThunderClap Project.  Whoa! Now I learn  ThunderClap supports book promotions by spreading the word of the release, reaching out to thousands. In other words, exposure for a book that an indie author is unlikely to achieve outside of a Bookbub promotion which costs big bucks. There is no charge to put a project on ThunderClap.  There is a catch. ThunderClap will not support a project unless one can gather 100 supporters before the project goes live.  In the case of No Perfect Secret–the day of the Release Blitz, September 24th, 2014. Your supporters must tick on the link to the project and Tweet it, Facebook it, Tumblr it.

Let me tell you! Gathering 100 supporters ain’t easy. And if you are my age–it is even worse. I’ve outlived almost every dang author I know face-to-face. All of my friends I could count on are D.E.A.D. If you think Twitter is not a force,  I’m changing your mind. These Twitter dervishes and groups, most I know only by their hashtags came to my rescue. Sister and brother indie authors all. A huge community of them: #asmsg, #group@retweet_groups#IARTG, @book_tribe, #sbw#book#love #booklovers, #IAN, #eNovAaW and many more. Some tweets led me to individual authors who also kindly supported  Project No Perfect Secret.

Courtesy demands a Thank You. It is utterly impossible to thank every single supporter in the space of a few hours. However, ThunderClap lists all of a project’s supporters and I found it a simple task to follow those authors, Tweet a thank you, download a book, mention a smashing cover and try to pay-it forward. I hope each group knows, I will support their ThunderClaps and books in turn. It will no doubt take weeks to make certain I have followed and Tweeted every single one.

So. How is Project No Perfect Secret doing?

ThunderClap is going to support the project! No Perfect Secret found 104 supporters. Those 104 supporters have a social reach of above 510,000.  If that does not boggle your Twitter mind, nothing will. While the Internet is vast and expanding as fast as our Universe, our Indie Author community is a tight-knit group of writers who pay-it-forward. Not only that. But when I followed supporters to their Twitter and Facebook pages, I made new friends on four continents. I found new and exciting books to read–some of which would never have been on my radar. Now those books are waiting to be read on my new Kindle Fire! Best of all worlds, if you ask me. So do!

P.S.  Book Partners in Crime’s fee for a one day Release Blitz is $25.  The fee includes a banner, a Rafflecopter and a promo package ready to upload and post and setting up a project on ThunderClap and HeadTalker, a site similar to ThunderClap.  HeaderTalker only requires 50 project supporters to spread the word once your project goes live. Folks–That is a heck of a lot of BANG for your promo $$$.

I never like to sign off without reminding indie authors to put this little gem in the back of your books right after THE END:

Thank you for taking time to read [title]. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review.  Word of mouth is an author’s best friend and much appreciated. 

Does that gentle plea for reviews work? Yep. I am so not a best selling author, but readers have tagged my books with above 650 reviews since January 2014. No lie. Go look.


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  1. Laurie Boris says:

    What a cool idea! Thanks, Jackie.

  2. Mimi Barbour says:

    Thanks for the words of advice – Jackie. Can’t wait to find out your results for Thunderclap – in sales – so please let us know how you fared!! Shoot is that the right way to spell faired???….sigh!!

    • Jackie Weger says:

      Mimi: A Blog tour and a release tour are for exposure. I do not expect sales. To have a few would be wonderful. A tour any kind is simply for exposure. There are book review tours–those must be scheduled far in advance so the blog host has time to read and review. Again–exposure for the author and the book. Authors give away books at each ‘blog’ stop. We give away gift cards in rafflecopters. All for exposure, to gather sign ups for newsletters, followers on Twitter and to introduce ourselves and books to new readers. One hopes those readers will tuck into our other titles. “Fared” is right! I most assuredly will report results.

  3. Julie Frayn says:

    Great info, Jackie, thanks. And congrats on hitting your Thunderclap goal!

  4. Jackie Weger says:

    Amy Vansant said: I was going to do a Thunderclap for my anthology people a few weeks ago and got too busy – now I have you for a guinea pig to see how it works! 🙂

  5. Delene Yochum says:

    Thanks Jackie for the kind words about Book Partners in Crime. Thunderclaps are doing well and the social reach is phenomanal.

  6. Thanks for giving us a shout out Jackie (Book Partners in Crime Promotions. I am super excited to be working with you and hosting Your TC and your book No Perfect Secret!

  7. Great article Jackie! Thanks for shout out for Book Partners In Crime Promotions (or BPICP since that is such a mouthful!) Both Thunderclap and HeadTalker, a competing product, look like they are going to be great tools to spread the word and help promote books and other products. It was great that you were able to reach out to other authors and groups for support – one of the things I love is how everyone supports each other in the book world. Can’t wait to see your campaign “Tip” on 9/24!

  8. Dale Furse says:

    I just love this idea. And Book Partners in Crime are so responsive and easy to work with. Great article, Jackie. 🙂

  9. KJD says:

    This is fantastic stuff. You are the route-master for this. Can’t wait to learn the results.

    Good luck, Jackie. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jackie, it boggles the mind! However, Book Partners In Crime is a great, inexpensive way to get a new release noticed…and venture bravely into ThunderClap. Thanks for sharing, as always.

  11. This is the first time I’ve seen an explanation of ThunderClap. Thanks!

  12. An excellent post, Jackie! I am sure it will assist a lot of indies to put their message out there. I do prefer Crowd-speaking platforms like Thunderclap compared to Crowd-funding ones (such as Indiegogo or Kickstarter). I am like you; I’d never feel justified to ask for people’s money. But asking them to donate their social account just for a day to put out my message, ties well with the paying it forward you mentioned and that is why crowd-speaking works so wonderfully, because as you said, our beautiful indie community is full of kind-hearted people who care to help one another. I am so pleased that your campaign has been successful-congrats! Look forward to spreading the word on FB and Twitter on the big day for you. Mwah!

  13. Donna Fasano says:

    Thank you for the information! I love that eNovel Authors At Work is shining a light on so many great promo practices!

    Donna Fasano
    Prima Donnas

  14. Sarah Lane says:

    Best of luck on the release date. I can’t wait to learn how it all works out!

  15. Mike Markel says:

    Thanks for the information, Jackie, as always. And congratulations on reaching the TC goal. I bet you won’t be able to say you’re not a best-seller for much longer.

  16. Thanks for sharing, Jackie! I always look forward to your blog posts because they never fail to entertain AND educate!

    Can’t wait to see how the release of your book goes.

    – Jay

  17. Mary Smith says:

    Sorry, I’m arriving late at the party. Been tied up with other stuff. This sounds brilliant, Jackie. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. You certainly know how to pay it forward.
    Mary Smith

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